VIDEO: The Modern Legal Collective Live: How to Reclaim Your Time + Sanity with Maddy Martin

Kelsey Johnson

Solo and small-firm lawyers are always balancing their time between running a business and practicing law. When you’re trying to do both, time can be an incredibly valuable and limited resource.

In this video recording of The Modern Legal Collective Live, host (and client!) Kimberly Bennett and’s head of growth and education, Maddy Martin, discuss the best use of time for small law firms, whether they are just getting started or looking to improve, grow, and scale.

Watch the replay: How to Reclaim Your Time + Sanity with Maddy Martin

In the video, Maddy gives actionable tips on marketing and lead conversion including:

  • Growth strategies with limited financial budgets
  • Establishing and building trust and authority
  • Streamlining processes to capitalize on the time you have
  • Creating and using content to benefit your business

Keep in mind this valuable startup mindset: When you don’t have a ton of cash, cash in on your time. Your expertise can provide the value that brings in new clients if you leverage it properly.

About Maddy Martin

Maddy Martin is the head of growth and education for, a virtual receptionist and web chat service for attorneys that combines real receptionists with machine intelligence. She has spent the last decade growing tech startups from New York to California, and has expertise in digital marketing, small business communications, lead conversion, email marketing, SEO, content marketing, social media, co-marketing, and event marketing. Maddy can be reached at

About Modern Legal Collective Live

Modern Legal Collective Live is a monthly live show, hosted by Kimberly Bennett, covering a range of topics impacting the legal industry with a focus on bringing the practice of law into the modern ages. It features forward-thinking guests, practicing attorneys, and industry experts who share thoughts on the industry, practical tips for process improvements, a discussion of technology, and more. The show is hosted via on the last Wednesday of every month at 1 pm ET.

Kelsey Johnson

Kelsey Johnson is the former marketing manager at She is a legal tech expert focused on helping solos and small firms with their practices through tech-enabled operations, digital marketing, and communications.

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