How to Personalize Your Site Chatbots to Improve Conversions


Whether you have an ecommerce website or a simple brochure site, your online marketing strategy is essential to your business success. You want to connect with your clientele and you need your website to increase engagement and convert users into paying customers. Chatbots are a relatively innovative way to do this.

A chatbot is powered by programmed responses and AI (artificial intelligence) and can be added to your website as well as applications and social media platforms. It mimics human conversation and helps answer user questions. Chatbots are commonly used these days on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other free apps like Slack.

What is a chatbot?

Let's get down to basics. A chatbot is a 24/7 lead intake tool that emulates human responses and can provide personalized user experiences. Chatbots can be set up with incredibly complicated logic or a simple path to capture lead information but the end goal is the same: To understand the lead's needs and capture their contact information.

In addition, a chatbot can save your potential clients the trouble of navigating through a complex website and provide them with the answers they are looking for with minimal effort. Furthermore, they can work to qualify leads and screen out prospects who may not need your services.

Chatbots have huge potential as they can be used to create a personalized user experience tailored to the individual. They provide help in real-time and people in this day and age are looking for immediate solutions all the time.

As a small businesses, AI technology is increasingly affordable, accessible, and easy to use. If you want to be available for your customers around the clock, a chatbot can actually help with that pretty easily. 

For example, Crovosky Law is a small law firm that features’s chatbot on their website. They find it highly useful and feel that since they cannot afford 24/7 customer service, this is the next best thing. They are able to cater to customers who do not want to bother with phone calls, and customers who want their questions answered outside business hours. 

As the line between man and bot blurs, it is expected that chatbot conversations will help businesses save $8 billion in 2022 and the market size for chatbots will reach $1.3 billion by 2024.

Why is personalization important?

Personalizing your message is the best way to get the attention of a prospective client. Personalization improves the user experience and the user feels valued. The only way you can truly get to know the user is to have a conversation with them. 

eCommerce websites, for example, are sometimes overwhelming to use and are usually overflowing with information. A chatbot that is personalized can help out a troubled user and increase your chances of converting them into loyalists.

The more you talk to the user, the more you can truly empathize with their problem and provide the best solution. As chatbots open up a real-time conversation between the business and its customer, it naturally leads to qualified leads and more sales. Customers will stay on your website for longer and this can help the chatbot identify the information needed for a personalized design. 

Create a personality for your chatbot

Conversational UX is a user experience that combines voice, chat, or any other language-based technology based on the principles of human-to-human conversation. Following UX standards can help you ensure conversation between your bot and user flows smoothly. It’s critical that you manage user expectations by being clear on the limitations of the chatbot.

The interaction needs to be as natural as possible, and you need to define a unique persona for your chatbot. The aim is to tailor the user experience in a way that you are able to validate the needs of the user. The chatbot needs to be an empathetic problem solver. You have to make the user feel understood and focus on the final goal that needs to be achieved. 

Design your chatbot's avitar to have psychological traits that suit your business, like that of a store assistant if you are in retail. Or, if you're a solo business owner who represents the face of your brand, use your own headshot.

Collect data and use that to personalize your chatbot

Lead generation forms on websites are boring and mundane but collecting user data is essential to building your brand. If we make forms a bit conversational, we can motivate prospects to share their particulars. NGP is a law firm which has a powered chatbot that provides detailed and correct information on potential clients who visit the website. It is unmatched in its ability to ask website visitors for their particulars, and works far better than a lead generation form. 

You can use the data you collect to create a personalized experience for your targeted users. To use data relating to certain demographics based on age, gender, and location is so yesterday. With AI, you can personalize at an individual level and on an unbelievable scale i.e. all of your web users.

A chatbot is the next best thing to an in-store personal assistant, and the human touch means people are willing to give more information than in lead generation forms. The more you find out about your users through a conversation, the more they are likely to convert. 

You can build a repository of customer data with significantly less effort. Furthermore, this data can help you foresee the needs of your customer when they visit your website again, based on past preferences.

Ready to increase conversion with your chatbot?

With a chatbot, not only do you improve the overall website experience but you create a personal connection with the user by talking to them in a natural and engaging way. Chatbots have far-reaching benefits as they give your customers a gentle nudge through the sales funnel and this greatly affects your conversions. 

A chatbot is customer service at its best — it’s 24/7 and it’s self-learning. 24/7 customer service is what makes or breaks a brand these days. In a Discord comparison with its competitors, the most alarming feature that made users choose the competition was lack of 24/7 live support. offers an AI-powered chatbot for free. This can help you capture leads and increase conversions as it works on any website and is optimized for both desktop and mobile. The smart Q&A is accurate and helpful and the best thing is that it screens good and bad leads with pre-set “question sequences.” 

In today’s busy world, employees could greatly benefit from free online file sharing and a chatbot that has the potential to qualify leads on your behalf. This allows your employees to focus their time on sales conversations with leads that have a higher chance of culminating in a purchase.

Since it is now possible to tailor the experience of every person who visits your website, your chances of acquiring and retaining customers increases. The entire technological sphere is shifting and communication with computers is no longer rigid or scary. In fact, communicating with robots is the future, and chatbots are definitely leading the way.

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Victorio is the Associate SEO Director at RingCentral, a global leader in cloud-based communications and Contact Center Solutions. He has over 13 years of extensive involvement on web and digital operations.

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