How to Connect to iCloud (Apple) Calendar Using Calendly


Note: There are several names for this calendar depending on where you use it: iCloud Calendar, Apple Calendar, iCal, and simply Calendar. They are all, in essence, the same and we will refer to them as iCloud Calendar in this post.

Your receptionists for phone calls and live chat can now book appointments for you on your iCloud Calendar — the calendar that comes native with iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. Since iCloud Calendar doesn’t offer a shared link that our receptionists need to schedule on your current calendar, we’ll walk you through using a free Calendly account as a go-between.

When you connect to your iCloud Calendar, our receptionists can book new consultations and schedule appointments with your current customers directly onto your calendar. They will be able to see your availability without needing access to your account. Plus, you can avoid unnecessary back-and-forth follow up: Simply call the person at the appointed time! Here's how to get set up:

Connect Calendly to Your iCloud Calendar

In-depth instructions: How to Connect Your iCloud Calendar to using Calendly

First, create a free Calendly account and connect it to your iCloud Calendar. Calendly will create available time blocks that work within your current schedule, and will add new appointments directly to your iCloud Calendar. Spend some time configuring your Calendly settings to ensure our receptionists can gather all of the information you will need for meetings or new lead consultations.

Please note that Scheduling is an add-on feature and will incur an additional fee. If you require payment for consultations, you will also need to add-on our Payments feature. See our current pricing for more information.

Send Us Your Calendly Link

Once you have configured your settings, go to your Calendly home page, click “Copy Link” next to the event type you want us to use, and email the link to with the subject line, "Calendly link." It should look something like Also send us any instructions for booking including how we should address current clients versus new leads and if you want to use this integration for receptionists phone calls, live chat, or both.

That’s it! We'll notify you via email once we're ready to start booking appointments on your calendar, typically within 1 business day.

Important: Please adjust your time zone settings in Calendly! Otherwise, receptionists working in different time zones may book appointments at the wrong time on your calendar.

Are You Making the Most of Integrations?

Did you know that can integrate with hundreds of applications either directly, or indirectly through our Calendly and Zapier integrations? Create even better processes for you and your clients when you integrate current software with our virtual receptionists and live chat services! Check out our integrations page for inspiration.

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Written by Kelsey Johnson
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