5 Ways to be a Better Property Manager with Virtual Receptionists


The role of a property manager is demanding and Smith.ai recognizes the challenges associated with the array of tasks required for any given day. Our virtual receptionists improve productivity by assisting you in prioritizing projects, from getting appliances serviced, showing units to potential new tenants, and directing maintenance to extract strange items from toilets or garbage disposals.

Daily calls are typical for both small and large operations, but conditions are usually different – some people with a handful of properties work other jobs while large companies serve many tenants. Our virtual receptionists handle incoming calls to prevent disruptions during more pressing issues so you can focus on your priorities.

Our property management answering services provided by our virtual receptionists will help you stay on top of demanding projects while we act as your first stop for customer service.

1. Furnish information about your properties

Aside from the upkeep on dwellings, one of the most pressing issues for a property manager involves filling soon-to-be or currently vacant properties. Whether you have listings on a company website or simply create ads on Craigslist, we field calls for these properties while you focus on other tasks. We can give specific information that may not make into an ad, such as information about acceptable pets or whether laundry services are available on site.

2. Fill out applications for new applicants

When someone is interested in a property or unit, collecting information about the renters will be necessary for the screening process. We can collect all the necessary information in a way you specify so everything required for determining eligibility will be ready to go prior to beginning formal processing. We can follow your organizational standards so information is structured in a way that best suits your needs.

3. Schedule your appointments

New prospects will need to meet with you for physical walkthroughs of a property as well as require face-to-face times for signing a lease. We integrate with many scheduling apps and several CRM systems so information and obligations aren’t lost in the shuffle. Our virtual receptionists can plug in appointments to your calendar, minding your availability, and send reminders so you’re sure to arrive well prepared.

4. Immediately respond to emergencies

If you’ve been working in the field for a while, you’ve seen everything from outlets inexplicably catching on fire, toilets exploding, and appliances suddenly failing. With regular maintenance requests, such as a closet door needing reset or an area needing a paint touch up, we can create a support ticket if you’re using more sophisticated software. If you primarily work from phone messages and email, you’ll find details in the SMS or email messages we send for each call. For urgent matters, we transfer calls to people you specify for those unfortunate times when catastrophe strikes.

5. Call tenants and repair personnel for you

Most properties will generate multiple candidates but ultimately, you’ll need to select just one to occupy a dwelling. Not only can we make calls to inform your new tenant of the good news, we can also contact the other interested prospects that the space has been filled. For some well-qualified candidates, we can inform them about other properties, if available. Aside from contacting your tenants, you can call or email us and we can make calls to other parties, such as certain contractors who handle sophisticated repairs.

A Smith.ai Customer Testimonial

We’ve provided several scenarios where Smith.ai can help you as busy property manager. Here’s what one of our satisfied clients had to say:

“Smith is an excellent call answering service and has offered me outstanding service at a great price for my company! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for this service. They go above & beyond and are highly professional. Not one thing bad you can say about them!”

Kathryn Dorr

Learn More About Smith.ai

As a busy property manager, taking incoming calls off your plate allows you to dedicate time to handle more pressing issues. If you’d like to learn more about how Smith.ai’s virtual receptionists can help your business, sign up for a free consultation with our team or get started risk-free with our 14-day money-back guarantee.

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