The Top 10 Business Coaches and Mastermind Groups to Help You Grow Your Property Management Company


The property management industry is never a bad one to get into because no matter what happens in the world, people will always need a place to live. Property managers come in all shapes and sizes—some are large companies, while others are solo managers. Others may have small agencies that they run where they only manage a handful of properties. 

Regardless of the size of your company, however, it can help you to gain support from others who have been there before you. Business coaches and real estate masterminds are out there by the dozens, and they’re waiting to help you get a leg up in your industry, no matter where you currently stand. There are several different groups, individuals, and organizations that you can find to offer property management and real estate coaching, and each will have its own perks to consider. 

In the property management industry, a lack of preparation and training can lead to disaster, and quickly. That's why it’s important to get as much as you can, from wherever you can, and why a business coach should be on your list of must-have partnerships in your property management business. 

The property management world is highly competitive—huge multi-national and global companies are competing with the likes of the “little man” -- but as the little man, you’ve got plenty of room to find success in this industry. The good news is that you also don’t have to do it alone. With the assistance of a coach that’s been in the property management industry themselves, you’ll learn a lot about the business and how to become more successful. 

In the list below, we’ll look at the 10 best property management coaches and groups for you to consider. First, though, let’s talk a little more about the perks of hiring a coach to help your business grow. 

The value of a property management coach

If you’re still not sold on the idea of hiring a coach, we’ve got you covered. Before we get into the top 10 coaches for property management, let’s take a look at some of the perks of hiring a coach or investing in a coaching group for your organization or solo property management endeavor. 

  • Accountability: A coach will hold you accountable, not just for your decisions, but for your growth and the way you are operating everything. They don’t care about being your friend; they care about getting results. That's what you need if you want to succeed in this industry. 
  • Honesty: Again, you’re not here to make friends. A coach will give you an honest look at what your business needs and what you could be doing wrong. They will not try to make you feel better about things if there’s a bad decision involved because they aren’t there to make you feel good. They're going to make you successful. That sometimes means being uncomfortable and hearing the hard truths. 
  • A New Perspective: A fresh perspective is always helpful, in any industry. You can try to look at things objectively, but when you’re always on the inside, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. A coach could point out things that you are missing or even things you knew but forgot along the way. They can offer a lot of insight and even help you change your own perspective about business ownership and property management. 
  • Firsthand Experience: These coaches all have experience and expertise in the real estate industry. They have been in the field and done the work. They built their own companies and many of them are still working in property management or real estate and coaching at the same time. You can trust that you’re getting the right advice when you get it from people who are doing the work. 
  • Increased Performance: When you choose the right coach and get the help that you need, your business performance will improve. There are so many ways that you can grow your bottom line and you will see performance improvements in several ways when you enlist a coach. From employee performance to the numbers themselves, everything should be on the upswing. 
  • Increased Profits: And when performance is better, so are profits. That means that you will be able to be more successful in your business and perhaps even able to move on sooner than you anticipated. More profit means more growth, which means you’ll continue to outshine the competition, as well. 

Keep in mind that there are several other potential benefits to be had from investing in coaching to help grow your property management operation. These are just the highlights to convince you to give it a try. And here are the best coaches and groups to try it with. 

The top 10 property management coaches and mastermind groups

1. Yes Masters 

Yes Masters was founded by Kevin Ward, a published author known for writing The Book of YES. He offers a no-BS approach to help people improve their real estate game and can lend a lot to those in the arena of property management. He’s sold hundreds of homes in his own career and has owned several different offices, been a leader for Keller Williams, and even a CEO of one of their branches. He’s authentic, real, and he focuses on balancing business with family life to create the success you want. There are one-on-one coaching opportunities, online courses and blogs, videos, and so many other coaching tools on the site. 

2. Kathleen Richards, the Property Management Coach

Kathleen Richards has years of experience in the property management industry. She’s a Certified Professional Coach and has been coaching and consulting for the past few years in addition to working in property management. She offers a lot of valuable insight and resources for people who are looking to get more out of their business as a property manager. She can offer blogs and videos on her website, along with one-on-one and group consulting services. She focuses on planning and the implementation of growth strategies and exit strategies, helping you grow your bottom line by focusing on the biggest profits. 

3. Landlord Academy

The Landlord Property Management Academy offers 21st-century training and support resources for real estate companies and property managers around the country. They offer all kinds of training and coaching resources, including certifications for various property management and real estate fields. They are recognized by the U.S. Library of Congress, and new resources are added all the time. If you don’t mind the institutional feel and aren’t as concerned with a one-on-one approach, this program could be what you need. It allows you to choose from a variety of courses and programs and learn at your speed, which can help you in all stages of your property management career. 

4. Marc Cunningham, PM Build

Marc Cunnigham is the current owner of PM Build and started as one of the first employees of his father’s Grace Property Management company. He grew up in real estate and property management, and today has a team of more than 20 people that manage 900 properties around the Denver metro area. They also provide coaching and training to hundreds of property managers and property management organizations, helping people learn how to make the most of property management and build a successful business. Marc was named the 2018 Property Manager of the Year by Think Realty and has degrees in real estate and finance, as well as several publications. 

5. BusinessCoach, Inc. 

BusinessCoach, Inc. offers a variety of training programs for real estate and property management, including a seminar on building and property management that focuses on improving administration of the property and helping you understand your duties and responsibilities. You'll learn things like budgets, laws, guidelines, and so much more. They have lots of other resources, as well as other classes and seminars throughout the year and around the country. The program was founded in 2008 and has held thousands of meetings and seminars over the years. 

6. Bryan Chavis

The only property management coach that has been certified by the MAPS program through Keller Williams, Bryan Chavis offers a range of one-on-one coaching and consulting solutions. He helps each business or manager focus on their unique challenges and addressing the concerns that most affect their day-to-day operations. He consults with housing authorities, property management organizations, and others, delivering a unique client experience to everyone that he works with. His program is designed to help anyone improve their property management business, no matter their challenges, years of experience, or anything else. 

7. Woods & Mazzulla Properties

This property management group also offers coaching, allowing those who want a better chance at real estate investing to learn more about the industry and take advantage of what they are doing. The program helps people create revenue streams and build a new business. it’s all about managing investments and learning how to succeed with transaction-based coaching and self-improvement tips that are designed to help you cultivate the wealth that you want. They have a no-obligation consult available and there are plenty of free tips and articles on the site for those who want them, as well. 

8. Edward Chambers

Edward Chambers is the business coach and founder of Real Property Management. He has years of experience in the property management industry and offers more than 30 years to others who are looking to learn about the industry. He focuses on offering coaching that highlights thought leadership, keeping up with the changing rental climate, and how to work with organizations and housing authorities to build ongoing profits and easy rental income. 

9. Terrie Schauer

Terrie Schauer is an expert in real estate investing and property management, with years of her own experience under her belt. She offers free investment tips and advice along with property management resources on her website. There's also one-on-one coaching available, along with online courses and other coaching resources. She’s a single mom who has spent over half her life managing rental properties and is even a world-class athlete (retired). She has a Ph.D. that has nothing to do with real estate and she likes to show people how to leverage time and money through property management and real estate investing. 

10. Mat Paramor 

Although he’s based in Australia, Mat Paramor is a great choice as a property management business coach. He wants to help people who are ready to make a change. He offers a custom-tailored solution for everyone that comes to him, and he has a team of resources to help anyone with their coaching needs. The focus is on structuring the business properly and learning how to make decisions that are forward-thinking to create the best property management organization. There are online resources and courses, as well as in-person and in-house coaching sessions available. 

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