How to Use A Chatbot to Scale Your Affiliate Marketing Site and Increase Conversions


This is a guest post by Clay Heller, CEO of Bostic Heller.

Hello again! After the success of my last guest post on using chatbots on Amazon affiliate marketing sites, I’ve decided to cover the equally profitable (and completely different) segment of the affiliate space — Amazon affiliate alternatives.

As competition gets tighter for desirable product placement Amazon placement, internet marketers are looking at other options. Amazon doesn't sell software subscriptions, at least not directly. And plenty of brands still sell physical products direct to consumers, cutting out expensive warehousing fees and overly forgiving return policies. These brands still love affiliate marketers — they're scalable, cheap, easy, and in many cases, a way to reach new audiences without putting in much work.

Boost Your Lead Conversions with Chat

An automated chatbot or live chat is a perfect fit for an affiliate page. Building out detailed affiliate pages takes a lot of work! Boost your page’s return with Chat, which can answer questions, direct sales, and even upsell. And you’ll be ahead of the curve — almost no affiliate pages are currently taking advantage of interactive chatbots.

Customers who use live chat are 3x more likely to buy, with a 20% conversion increase and 305% typical ROI rate increase.

Chat is proven to increase website conversion by 20% or more. This is true of direct sales pages as well as affiliate pages. It's that simple. The real question is how do you tailor your chatbot’s messaging to capitalize on the explosive growth potential?

Most affiliate sites use review frameworks to convey the benefits of a purchase. You'll see pro and con sections, sometimes star rankings, and usually comparable products. What you don't see is the amount of time involved in building that site. It's generally a lengthy process, and to be worthwhile, it needs to be laser focused on the product you're reviewing.

Use a Chatbot to Scale Your Affiliate Site with Very Little Extra Work

The following is not an affiliate site, but it gives a great example of just how you'd run your car repair or car dealer live chat automation: If a potential client asks the ECU Doctors chatbot about a Porsche, it’ll confirm that they are a qualified client by saying "Thanks! It's very likely we can help you with this." The bot then lays out the next steps, and directs the new client to fill out a form on their sales page. On the back end, they are set up as a lead in ECU's internal system.

Your chatbot could do something similar if somebody asked a question about a product on your affiliate site.

On the other hand, if you ask the ECU Doctors chatbot about a Honda (a car they don’t work on) it’ll refer you instantly to another site. And there's the scalability. Your chatbot can answer questions about the product you’ve reviewed, and at the same time direct people to your preferred affiliate links. You won’t need to build dozens of pages when you know a simple question might come up that can be addressed by the chatbot.

I see this being particularly useful if you do a review of a product that costs, say, $399 monthly. For some visitors, that's cheap; but for a lot of visitors it's too expensive for their budget. Instead of needing to find a cheaper alternative, build a second page, do all of the SEO for it… just build the cheaper alternative into your chatbot’s Q&A. Anyone looking for a more affordable option will be very pleased, and you can save yourself a ton of work. Furthermore, it feels very organic while having the same SEO benefits!

People are always looking for ways to take Chatbots to the next level. I even know somebody using a chatbot for their contract renewal process! By using a chatbot, you'd be on the cutting edge of this space, and set yourself up to successfully run and scale an affiliate business.

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Written by Clay Heller

Clay Heller is the CEO and co-founder of Bostic Heller, a boutique digital marketing agency. He has been in the C suite of an eight figure company and the drivers seat of a 3000% funded Kickstarter.

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