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Capture website leads for your small business. is known for its superior phone receptionists & live chat agents. Now, we offer a free AI chatbot that automatically captures, screens, and converts leads visiting your website.

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Free, custom AI bot handles unlimited chats 24/7/365
Screen good & bad leads with pre-set “question sequences”
Smart Q&A delivers accurate & helpful answers instantly
Works on any website. Optimized for both desktop & mobile.
Custom colors, branding & greetings
Contacts & chat transcripts sent to your email & CRM (Salesforce, Clio, HubSpot & more)

What's so special about the bot?

After handling 1,000,000 phone calls and live chats for small businesses, we know your clients are most likely to hire the first business to respond. Nothing else matters as much as a fast response. Our AI chatbot instantly responds to web visitors, so you win new clients before they even interrupt you with a phone call.
There’s no need to monitor our chat widget. You’ll never need to stop work to answer every chat yourself. What small business owner has time for that? You focus on work while our chatbot answers questions based on answers it knows. We’ll alert you to questions it couldn’t answer for quick, easy improvements.
Our chatbot software gets smarter as it learns your services and ideal customers. Use the Chatbot to refine your lead-screening process to increase conversions with the best clients and reduce noise from unqualified leads, internet trolls, and salespeople. 

What our customers are saying

“Great customer care and functionality. I love using They do such a great job in following instructions on how I'd like my cases handled. I especially love the fact that I get email transcripts of all chats. I have never had incorrect information obtained (contact info) from any potential clients by They are very detail oriented!”
Justie Nicol
"Smith allows us to converse with website visitors and turn them into potential clients. They've made it easier for us to be there at all times, even when we're not. We've worked with other vendors in the past and have found among the easiest to use. They're very responsive, they communicate well, and serve as our front lines for client communications."
Scott Peterson
“Simple way to start a great client experience. There are a lot of Chat options available, but this was a no brainer for us because of our great experience with as a company. Everything they do is focused on simplicity. Stuff just works. They make everything easy and have focused on hiring great people, which is evident by the way they treat us as a customer and the people that they chat with on our behalf.”
Brian Waller
“Love Chat! There is no way that I could staff a feature like that in house with my small business. makes the chat feature available around the clock. I am a lawyer and this feature is great for clients who are nervous or shy about making that initial phone call, or who are up thinking about the problem that they need help with outside of business hours. The Website Chat also integrates perfectly with my CRM/case management software. It has really been a boost to my business. I have tried other companies. is the best!”
Nicole G.


Email support included free. We’re real people & we’re here for you.
Need to call-back website leads? Enlist our phone receptionists.
Prefer humans to bots? Upgrade anytime to our Live, Staffed Chat


  • Unlimited AI Q&A. Automatically answer questions, provide company info, and more.
  • Unlimited AI Playbooks. Qualify clients with optimized, constrained lead conversion flows.


  • CRM & Zapier integration. All chat details and transcripts are sent to your CRM or Zapier.
    We support Clio, Clio Grow, Lexicata, HubSpot, Capsule CRM, and more.


  • Widget installation & setup. We'll do all the work.
  • Bot programming, Q&A/Playbooks (One-time). Our expert team builds qualification flows for you.
  • Bot programming, Q&A/Playbooks (Ongoing). Our expert team reviews and maintains your bot.


Professional AI Chatbots

Custom, professional, AI chatbots available to answer questions and qualify leads 24/7/365.

Familiar with Your Business

Your bot can answer customer questions about hours, payment methods, services provided, and more.

Proactive Chat

The level of “assertiveness” of your chat widget is up to you. Determine whether your chat widget proactively prompts the web visitor to engage in a conversation, and also the length of time before such prompts occur.

Custom Branding & Colors

Choose how your chat widget looks on your website so it matches your overall design and branding.

Custom Placement

Choose where your chat widget is displayed — sitewide or on specific-pages.

Custom Timing

Choose what hours receptionists respond to chats on your website (as long as it is within 5am – 9pm PT / 8am – 12am ET, Monday through Friday).

24/7 Chatbot

Your custom AI chatbot runs 24/7 so leads get a friendly and helpful response after-hours, even when you’re off the clock.

Custom-Built Knowledge Base & Q&A

Build a knowledge base that makes accessing answers to common questions easy for your chatbot.

Referrals to Recommended Businesses

Have "bad leads" on your site? You can program your chatbot to refer them to a business you recommend, if they don’t answer questions indicating that they’re a good potential client for your business.

Email Summary of Chats

We’ll answer customer questions about hours, payment methods, services provided, and more.

Customized Greetings

Your chatbot will greet clients using a personalized greeting specified by you.


Our chat widget works on every device and browser — computer, tablet, or phone — so no matter what your web visitors use to visit your website, they can access instant help via web chat.

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Appointment Scheduling

Add your online calendar link into chatbot answers and playbooks so it can book appointments for you and your clients, on your own calendar. It can even prequalify new potential clients.

E-Commerce Order Integration

Your chatbot can gather e-commerce details such as order number, item info, and address.

New Client Intake

You can map your chatbot to the questions you use on your new client intake forms for your qualified leads, so new client information is logged in your CRM.

Lead Data Gathering

Your chatbot can capture and qualify your leads based on your custom criteria, such as their service needs, where they heard about you, and more.

Customer Service and Support Desk

We can assist your support team by collecting order numbers or tickets. We integrate with many PSAs, too.


Works with Popular Website Hosting Platforms

Our state-of-the-art technology makes it easy to embed our chat widget on your website, whether your site is built on Wordpress, Wix, WebFlow, or other website platforms.


Customer Support

Our customer support team is available via email and live chat 5am – 6pm PT / 8am – 9pm ET, Monday through Friday.

Worldwide Service

As long as you can access your cell phone or email, you can receive chat summaries — anywhere in the world.


At, our customers come first. We are always interested in hearing what you need and do our very best to build new features to accommodate you. Please reach out to us with any questions about customization at or call us at (650) 727-6484. is the best chatbot for small businesses

Pro plan & up
Pro plan & up
Standard plan & up
Standard plan & up
$0 (no seats required)
Custom branding
100% bot-answered chats
Chats included at starting price
Starting price
Email support
Pre-chat disclaimer
White-glove setup option
Add professional live-chat agents
Add CRM integration
Proactive messages
Add Zapier integration
Contact's email required to chat
Smart Q&A database
Cost per seat
Automated lead qualification
Saved replies
Optionally require phone number to chat
Premium only
Pro plan & up
$400/mo plan required
Standard plan & up
"Request custom pricing" 😱
Pro plan & up
$150 one-time
(totally optional)
Yes (essential for law & finance firms)
Custom bots


What does the free ai chatbot include?

The free AI chatbot includes unlimited conversations on your website 24/7/ 365. You also get 5 Q&A to program in as quick responses to common questions, and a lead-screening Playbook with 5 inputs (prompts for information from a new potential client). We find just the 5 Q&A and 1 Playbook alone provide significant value, but you can upgrade to unlimited Q&A and/or playbooks anytime if you need more.

Will my credit card be charged when I sign up?

Absolutely not. The free AI chatbot costs nothing. If you add optional add-ons, then you will see those on your bill. You can easily add or remove optional add-ons month-to-month for total flexibility and cost control.

How do you charge for add-ons?

We charge per chat, per month for scheduling, payments, and CRM integration. For example, if you have 20 chats /month, you’ll pay $10/month to add CRM integration to your chatbot plan ($.50/chat x 20 chats).. The free AI chatbot plan includes 5 Q&A and 1 Playbook with 5 input fields. We charge a flat monthly fee for unlimited Q&A and unlimited Playbooks.

What happens to the knowledge base of my trained chatbot if I cancel?

We keep all your existing data if you cancel. So, when you resume in the future, you don’t have to retrain your bot or dig up directions you sent us to handle your chats properly. We will just eagerly await your return.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope! All plans are month-to-month with no annual contract required. If you’re leaving, you won’t be charged past the current billing cycle — simple as that. Starting back up again is easy, too. And we never charge setup or cancellation fees.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel anytime by emailing us at We’ll get right on it (we require one week notice before your next billing date to give our team time to process it) and won’t hassle you to stay. Ok, truthfully, we might ask a few questions, but we won’t go all Comcast on you. But we will miss you!

Is there a cancellation fee?

No way. With no annual contract, when you cancel, you just finish out your current month, which has already been prepaid by you (if you’re paying at all). Give us a heads up one week in advance, and we won’t charge you past your current billing period.

If I cancel, should I remove the widget from my website?

No need. When you cancel your account, the chat widget will “disappear” automatically. But we take no responsibility for new leads or opportunities you may miss out on!

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