15 Best Lead Generation Tools to Boost Your Sales Funnel

Sean Lund-Brown

Having the best lead generation tools for your business can help capture more quality leads with minimal manual outreach and follow-ups — this boosts your sales funnel in the end. However, with hundreds of lead generation tools available on the market today, it's hard to find and build a scalable lead generation machine. On the other hand, the results can be impressive if you find one that works perfectly for you.

Whether you're looking for a live chat, cold outreach, pop-up forms, or social media lead generation tools, sampling all your available options can take a lot of time and resources. For that, we provide you with a review of the 15 best lead generation tools we believe can help boost your sales funnel regardless of your budget.

Our best 15 lead generation tools can help your business

Lead generation tools vary depending on their functions and features. Here, you find a little bit of everything, including the following essential lead generation tools:

● Live chat tools

● Sales process automation

● Calendar scheduling

● Social media contests

● Complete marketing automation

● Landing page creation and capture

● Email marketing

● Lead data collection

● Form and email collection

● Customer insights and customer satisfaction survey

● Social media lead generation tools

Best live chat lead generation tool

Live chat lead generation tools focus on grabbing your website visitor's attention by using chat bubbles. As soon as a user lands on your website, the chat bubble will prompt them to take specific actions. In the end, your visitors can get the answers they need and make decisions that will improve their journey along your sales funnel.  

1. Tawk.to

Pricing: Free, $19 per month to remove branding.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars on Capterra.

Tawk.io ranks amongst the best live chat lead generation tools. It allows you to message your customers, providing a satisfaction guarantee in the process. This live chat lead generation software will enable you to monitor and engage with your website’s visitors, guiding them to help themselves in the process.

Most users prefer tawk.io because it's free and easy to use. You can engage with your website’s visitors and solve any problems you may have, leading to better customer service. For your business sales funnels to improve, customer satisfaction is critical.

You need to add a small JavaScript snippet to your website to use tawk.io — this takes less than a minute, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Here are the main advantages of using this live chat lead generation tool:

● It allows you to monitor your customer activity in real-time. You can see which pages they visit, what they search, and the average time each user takes navigating through your website

● You can meet your customers from wherever they are. Access is the currency of the web, and tawk.io understands that perfectly

● You can collaborate and assign conversations, paving the way for timely responses

● It makes sharing your knowledge more accessible

● Tawk.io facilitates intelligent conversations

Best sales process automation lead generation tool

Sales process automation tools help you save time by automatically completing routine actions. You can use these tools to find leads or more sales prospects. Apart from helping you complete mundane tasks, these tools can notify you of new postings on a specific directory.

2. Zapier

Pricing: Free, paid plans start at $20/month

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 158 reviews on GetApp

Zapier tops the list when talking about sales process automation and lead generation. The tool allows you to easily automate your tasks, especially if you run a busy business. Zapier can move information between your web apps automatically so you can handle other more important tasks.

Integration is effortless with Zapier. You can link all your web apps with just a few clicks and share your desired data. You can also automate your activities, so information can pass between different zaps, even without your attention. If you're into keeping up with the latest business trends in your field, Zapier’s innovation feature can help you build processes quickly and achieve more within a short time. You don't need to be a programming wizard for this either. You don't have any coding experience at all.

Zapier has two flexible plans: free forever and premium plans. On the free forever plan, you enjoy the app’s basic services for as long as you want. Here, you can build one-to-one connections with your apps, receive timely help from Zapier’s support team, and automate basic tasks.

If you're looking to invest in more robust capabilities, Zapier’s premium plans start at around $20 per month. With the premium plan, you enjoy all the features available on the free forever plan plus additional ones, like the opportunity to create conditional workflows and build workflows with more steps.

Let's shine a light on some of the reasons why you might want to consider Zapier:

● You don't need to have any prior coding knowledge

● It allows you to finish tasks automatically

● You can start workflows from any app within your Zaps network

3. HubSpot Sales

Pricing: Starts at $45 per month and can accommodate up to two users

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars based on 6,900 reviews on G2

Even though most people associate HubSpot with marketing, the popular portal can also help generate more leads, making your sales and networking efforts more manageable and productive. It has three plans: starter, professional, and enterprise. The starter plan costs $45 per month, the professional plan costs $450 per month, and the enterprise plan costs $1,200 per month. Aside from the services offered, the stated price also depends on other factors, such as the number of paid users using the tool.

HubSpot allows you to close deals quickly, saving time for other activities. Apart from the paid plans, you can use the tool’s free features such as contact management, email scheduling, deal pipeline, and meeting schedules.

The platform's email marketing and lead nurturing system allows you to segment your lists effectively, track lifecycle, and trigger emails based on your website’s visitors’ online behavior. HubSpot’s sales automation and lead generation tool comes with the following options:

● Create content and generate essential leads

● Organize and track customer communications, maximize productivity, and track your efficiency levels

● Streamline your outreach, connect with prospects, track, and improve your performance

● You stand a much better chance of boosting your sales by doing this

Best calendar scheduling lead generation tool

Many businesses, especially startups, struggle with calendar scheduling. You'd think it would be easy, but suddenly you're balancing multiple time zones, meeting types, and locations. Fortunately, calendar scheduling tools help every business owner schedule meetings at the right time every time. You'll finally have the freedom to chase and close more leads.

Calendar scheduling tools can also help prospects schedule a time on your calendar, making it possible for everyone to work conveniently. Plenty of these tools are on the market, but we'll be focusing on the option that's currently leading the pack for just about any business or budget.

4. Calendly

Pricing: Free, paid plans start at $8 per month

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 56 reviews on GetApp

Calendly is a calendar scheduling and lead generation tool that allows you to schedule meetings, sales calls, and demo requests conveniently. All you need to do is set the times for your availability, and your prospects can respond with a time that they feel works for them. It's also possible to include the Calendly link in your email signature.

Automating reminders and follow-ups are a breeze with Calendly.  The tool can put all your meeting workflow on autopilot, send reminder emails, and send drafted thank you notes as you focus on other essential aspects of your business. For startup businesses, this tool can be the perfect assistant.

Have you been struggling with making more connections or reducing cancellations? Calendly might be the ultimate solution that you're looking for. This calendar scheduling tool allows prospects to schedule meetings conveniently. This option helps to reduce cancellations because everyone works on their terms.  

As the old saying goes, “time is money.” Calendly allows you to impress your invitees with modern scheduling that helps them save time. As for your business, the more you schedule calls with minimal cancellations, the higher the chances you can get those prospects to commit.

Best social media contest lead generation tools

Creating and running a contest is a popular way to develop your brand awareness. As more people sign up for your email list, you gain a wider audience. This makes it simple to advertise your products or services. But you'll need the top social media lead generation tools for contests to make this happen. Which one jumps to the top of the line? Let's find out.

5. Rafflecopter

Pricing: Free, paid plans start at $13 per month

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars through Capterra

If you're a marketer or a business owner looking to start a well-designed contest on your social platform, Rafflecopter is one of your best options. This social media lead generation tool provides an effortless yet effective medium for running a giveaway. It works on any brand or website, and you run as many contests as you want. Its easy-to-use feature allows you to operate the tool without I.T. specialization. If you can copy and paste, using Rafflecopter won’t be a problem.

As it stands, Rafflecopter has set itself ahead of its competitors by being the number one option for most successful organizations, including Fortune 500 companies. From agencies to high-flying startups, Rafflecopter has got it covered.

One feature that makes Rafflecopter stand out is that it’s built for scale — not just for big or small giveaways. So it doesn’t matter whether you're running a giveaway campaign attracting hundreds of entries or hundreds of thousands. This social media contest lead generation tool can facilitate your needs.

Choosing Rafflecopter means deciding how long you want to keep your commitment. The platform’s friendly billing policies mean you don’t have to worry about getting “trapped.” After all, everyone loves a giveaway.

Best social media marketing and management lead generation tool

6. Hootsuite

Pricing: Plans starting at $49 dollars a month

Rating: 4.1 on G2

Hootsuite is a social media management program businesses can rely on for lead generation. It allows you to locate qualified leads on social channels and convert them into potential customers aware of your products or services. Hootsuite's main features include the following:

● Marketers that can create compelling social media marketing campaigns

● The ability to actively connect with people using this tool

● A fairly straightforward lead generation process

Most users prefer Hootsuite because it allows them to:

● Do more on social media in less time

● Grow their social following quickly

● Find out what people think about their services

● Figure out what works

Best complete marketing automation lead generation tools

Are you tired of integrating multiple platforms to achieve a common goal? Well, perhaps what you need is an all-inclusive marketing automation tool—a CRM. A quality CRM can integrate all your apps into one working platform, such as pop-ups, email, and landing pages.

If you're lucky, you can find a tool that includes lead management and scoring features. They're more convenient and usually more of an investment than other basic options.

7. Marketo

Pricing: Paid plans start at $900 per month

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars based on 292 reviews on GetApp

Adobe Marketo Engage simplifies the otherwise complex buyer journey. It gives you measurable results ranging from acquisition to advocacy with experiences that keep customers engaged and coming back. This marketing automation and lead generation tool can identify, engage, and accelerate the customer experience, resulting in better customer satisfaction rates.

You can engage with your potential customers when visiting your website through its behavior tracking feature. Marketo also makes it possible to build and scale automated campaigns while determining how various marketing techniques and channels impact your sales funnels.

Numbers never lie. With plenty of behavioral data, sophisticated journey flows, and built-in intelligence, you can analyze and make decisions with Marketo that could positively impact your business. These are a few of its main benefits:

● Offers content personalization options

● Facilitates seamless automation

● Access to up-to-date marketing impact analytics

● A sophisticated marketing data environment

● Allows for cross-channel engagement

● Enhances sales partnerships between leads, accounts, and relevant content

8. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Pricing: Starts from $64.99 per month

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is another all-around marketing and lead generation tool. Apart from receiving timely lead recommendations and seeing who has checked on your profile, this tool also allows you to save leads into your CRM straight from LinkedIn. Its main advantages is that it allows you to do the following:

● Target and find the right people for your business quickly

● Understand your key leads and company changes

● Reach out and engage with prospecting leads

● Benefit from real-time sales updates

● Organize your prospecting leads and accounts with tags

● Reach over 500 million members on LinkedIn and other platforms

● Make team links and smart links presentations

Best email follow-up and lead generation tool

Once you send an email, you might have to follow up with some of them to help you keep track of your outreach efforts. This is especially true if you have a long list of recipients.

9. Yet Another Mail Merge

Pricing: Free for one user and up to 50 recipients per day. Paid plan at $24 for 400 emails per day.

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars via Capterra

Yet Another Mail Merge is a tool from Google that allows you to send personalized mail merges from Gmail by following simple steps. With it, you can send bulk emails, access target users’ inboxes, and track results live from your Google Sheets.

The main advantage of using Yet Another Mail Merge is that it increases your engagement and helps you grow your business through lead generation. This tool has cemented itself as a reliable option for sending and tracking targeted emails, with notable features such as:

● One-click polls

● Lead generation tools

● Event invitations

● Promotions

● Newsletters

● Teacher-parent communication

Best landing page creation and capture tool

Landing pages contain information you want your website’s visitors to see when they visit your platform. They may also include details of whatever actions you wish the visitors to take. To achieve your website’s full potential, you need landing page creation and capture tools to help you automate and simplify the whole lead generation process.

You might want your website’s visitors to sign up for your newsletter, request a demo, or contact your sales team on your landing page. Landing page creation and capture tools help you achieve this conveniently.

10. WPForms

Pricing: Plans start at $299.50 per year

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 485 reviews on G2

WordPress is a heavyweight in what it does — this explains why WPForms plugins are doing so well. This tool is amongst the best contact forms for landing pages globally. To rank amongst the best, it has unique features such as:

● Drag and drop form builder to quickly create personalized forms for your landing pages.

● Pre-built form templates to help you get started and save more time

● Mobile friendly and highly responsive

● Conditional logic allows you to create high-performance forms

● Instant notifications so you can respond to your website’s visitors in the shortest time possible

● Straightforward payments so you can conveniently receive payments, online orders, and donations without the need for a developer

Many users worldwide prefer WPForms. Here's why:

● They can build online forms quickly and conveniently

● More intelligent workflows help you create complex forms

● WPForms have all the possible fields that users need

● Customization and adaptation to needs is effortless

● Sales and marketing teams can conveniently create lead generation forms, collect essential data, and receive payments

● WPForms integrates with almost every other marketing tool

Best email marketing and lead generation tool

Email marketing is one of the oldest yet effective marketing and lead generation modes. However, what is not old is the email lead generation tools that you can use to target more potential customers and boost your sales funnels.

11. MailChimp

Pricing: Free, paid plans start at $9.99 per month

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 2,295 reviews on GetApp

When it comes to email marketing and lead generation, MailChimp is right up there with the best of them. It's one of the most popular and recommended email lead generation tools. If used correctly, this tool has all the right features to help you realize your sales funnel goals.

MailChimp allows you to engage your customers and boost your business. It brings your audience data, marketing channels, and insights together to make informed decisions to improve your sales funnel. You can click the "send" button comfortably with this platform, knowing MailChimp will initiate your campaigns quickly and accurately.

The main features of this email lead generation tool include:

● Award-winning support

● Capability for app integration with more than 250 apps

● A directory of trusted pros

MailChimp may be a good option to help you reach your desired audience, create better content, automate your marketing, or take action with incredible insights. All you need to do is connect your store to give regular emails a sales boost, then sit back and watch as the magic unfolds.

Best data collection lead generation tool

Successful conversion depends on your data collection accuracy and the effectiveness of your analysis. While there are a lot of tools available for these, some are simply better than others. Here's our top pick.

12. D&B Hoovers

Pricing: Free trial available, flexible pricing.

D&B Hoovers is a data collection and lead generation tool that combines the world’s most comprehensive business data with sophisticated analytics to help marketers develop more intelligent solutions to their marketing issues. It is perfect for B2B sales professionals who want to engage their customers quickly and turn prospects into actual buying clients.

One of the selling factors for this tool is that it allows marketers to target more strategically. It's not all about lead generation. It’s about generating relevant leads to your business — ones who can buy your products and services. With access to comprehensive intelligence, achieving this is easier. Using D&B Hoovers allows you to align your sales & marketing solutions, beating your competitors with intent in the process.

The tool also has an elevated engagement feature that allows you to take advantage of advanced insights, A.I., and audience visualization to deliver customized and relevant information to your potential customers. By customizing and personalizing your dashboard, you get access to updated real-time alerts, dynamic lead lists, and active buyer intent. These are critical for accelerating your sales productivity.

Best form and email collection and lead generation tool

Email collection and lead generation tools can help you collect email addresses on your website to create an email list you can use for future campaigns or content promotion. In collecting emails, these tools can identify new and potential clients who can improve your sales funnel if converted into actual buying customers.

13. Snov.io

Pricing: Free for the first 50 emails per month; paid plans start at $39 per month

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars in Chrome Web Store

Are you looking for a more straightforward and effective method of collecting emails from your website? Snov.io is worth checking out. This email collection and lead generation tool can also collect emails from personal and domain names and locate emails on Google and LinkedIn. You can analyze and develop solutions that can help generate more leads and eventually boost your sales funnel through these emails. The formula is simple: more leads, more sales, more revenue.

Snov.io has created a name for itself with over 150,000 companies already on board, over 2,000 campaigns launched daily, and over 750,000 leads verified each day. This platform allows you to saturate your funnel with quality targeted leads you can convert. It also helps you to:

● Discover more sales opportunities

● Improve your engagements with clients

● Research leads and competitors to stay ahead of the pack

Specifically, Snov.io is a great option for working cold outreach, working smart, reaching your P.R. goals, and finding perfect candidates.

Best customer insights and customer satisfaction survey lead generation tool

Incorporating survey and customer research tools in your business allows you to gather important information from your target audience. You can learn about the other websites (apart from yours) that they love to visit, what they find helpful, and how much they are willing to spend on particular items.

With this information, you can customize your website to suit most of their needs. Eventually, more people will visit your website and purchase your products or services, boosting your sales funnel in the process. Let's talk about one option we love.

14. ProProfs Survey Maker

Pricing: A 15-day free trial; paid plans depend on the responses and are usually billed per year

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars on Capterra.

Cloud-based computing is something that we can't ignore. ProProfs Survey Maker is a lead generation tool that uses cloud computing to bring you qualified leads, identifying pain points in the process. It allows you to:

● Create surveys & forms

● Build NPS surveys

● Create quizzes, tests, & assessments

● Make polls using the in-app surveys

The tool has over 100 templates you can use to create beautiful surveys for your website’s visitors. Easily customize your themes, colors, and logo to match your brand and improve its awareness with this tool. Additionally, you can add scoring and branching to survey questions to get a clear picture of whatever you want to achieve.

Sharing the surveys made by ProProfs Survey Maker on social media, through links, or though embedding is another convenient aspect.

Best email address lookup tool

A broken lead that's missing information doesn't do you any favors. Your sales team needs to feel confident in the contact information they're pulling for potential clients. Email address lookup and lead generation tools are perfect for looking up people's email addresses for email marketing or lead generation.

15. Voila Norbert

Pricing: Free to find up to 50 emails. Plans start at $49 per month.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars on G2

The Voila Norbert address lookup tool claims to help its clients find anyone’s email address. You can engage the account’s owners and turn them into buying clients through these discovered addresses. The platform can also help you improve your sales by filling up your qualified leads pipeline and getting personal with the key decision-makers.

This tool's other services include recruiting, content marketing, business development, P.R., and anything else along those lines. Given that some emails may not be legit, Voila Norbert offers real-time email validation to ascertain that your activities are safe contacting someone interested in what you're offering.

Boasting up to 98% success rates, enriched with robust data, and built for scale, trying out Voila Norbert’s platform could be a quality solution for your team.  

Bonus: Hunter

Pricing: Free for up to 25 searches and 50 verifications per month. Paid plans start at $49 per month.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars on Capterra

Hunter is a tool that aims to help you connect with any professional on the planet. You can use it to find someone’s email address, verify it, and execute cold email outreach.

To find someone’s email address using Hunter, all you need to do is enter their name and the web domain they’re associated with.

Alternatively, you can use Hunter’s Domain Search feature to get a list of all the email addresses associated with a particular domain. You also have the option of filtering this list by department.

With Hunter’s Chrome extension, you can get a list of email addresses associated with any website you’re browsing.

When it comes to email verification, Hunter makes checks at multiple levels to make sure it provides you with valid email addresses you can safely use in your email marketing campaigns. It can verify a single email address or a list of email addresses.

If you’re using Google Sheets, you can also take advantage of Hunter’s Google Sheets add-on to find and verify email addresses directly from within your spreadsheets.

Finally, you can use Hunter Campaigns to send cold email campaigns using your Gmail or Outlook account. Campaigns supports all the features you need to run effective cold outreach campaigns, including personalization tags, email scheduling, custom sending limits, and email tracking and reporting.

How Smith.ai can help your lead generation campaign

Smith.ai is a platform that unifies solutions to answer and act on every lead. Our virtual receptionists can professionally answer your business calls, texts, web chats, and Facebook messages as you focus on handling other essential aspects of your business. Our staff can also engage with warm sales call transfers, funneling prospective clients to your team.

As a B2B business owner, your staff has so much to do. Smith.ai can use our virtual technology systems to filter out unqualified leads and hand off top prospective clients to your in-house team. This way, your staff only deals with relevant information, saving more time and becoming more productive in the process.

It's no secret that outbound communications can yield high-quality results. For that, our team can follow up on your leads quickly to improve your customer service. We can also send follow-up emails and texts to engage with as many leads as possible. To enjoy these and other services, book a free consultation today to get started and discuss our pricing plans.

Call Smith.ai at (650) 727-6484 or email us at hello@smith.ai today

Sean Lund-Brown

Sean Lund-Brown is a current Marketing Assistant for Smith.ai. A graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Sean graduated with a BA in Music and an individualized degree in Teaching Vocal Pedagogy.

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