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The fastest & friendliest way to capture website leads 24/7 is known for superior virtual receptionist services by phone. Now, we can also capture leads, screen potential clients, and book consultations on your website all day, every day.

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  • Live chat agents on duty 24/7
  • Appointment & call-back scheduling with calendar integration
  • Payment collection with billing software integration
  • Real-time lead qualification & intake with CRM integration for complete workflows
  • AI technology powers automatic responses, real-time English-Spanish translation, and more.
  • Instant chat transcripts via email. Contacts and chat conversations logged in your CRM.
Text answering
We capture leads & help clients who text you — with live agents & AI


From attorneys to accountants, we understand your business and your clients' specific needs. After handling over 1 million client calls, our live agents can capture, qualify, and intake leads better than in-house staff.

Our live chat software gets smarter as it interacts with your customers, refining your intake funnel to constantly improve lead qualification, converting more leads to clients. While other live chat services use scripts, our AI learns what's effective, and refines, helping live agents work quickly and accurately, or operating just as standalone AI software.

Other chat software products qualify... but still require you to close the deal yourself, which takes time you don’t have and forces clients to wait. Our live chat agents can book customer appointments, take payment, and best of all, get a human on the phone: Qualified leads can either get a call from our receptionists or you at any time of day.

What our customers are saying

“Great customer care and functionality. I love using They do such a great job in following instructions on how I'd like my cases handled. I especially love the fact that I get email transcripts of all chats. I have never had incorrect information obtained (contact info) from any potential clients by They are very detail oriented!”

Justie Nicol
Nicol Law Offices

"Smith allows us to converse with website visitors and turn them into potential clients. They've made it easier for us to be there at all times, even when we're not. We've worked with other vendors in the past and have found among the easiest to use. They're very responsive, they communicate well, and serve as our front lines for client communications."

Scott Peterson
D'Orazio Peterson

“Simple way to start a great client experience. There are a lot of Chat options available, but this was a no brainer for us because of our great experience with as a company. Everything they do is focused on simplicity. Stuff just works. They make everything easy and have focused on hiring great people, which is evident by the way they treat us as a customer and the people that they chat with on our behalf.”

Brian Waller
Sequel Law

“Love Chat! There is no way that I could staff a feature like that in house with my small business. makes the chat feature available around the clock. I am a lawyer and this feature is great for clients who are nervous or shy about making that initial phone call, or who are up thinking about the problem that they need help with outside of business hours. The Website Chat also integrates perfectly with my CRM/case management software. It has really been a boost to my business. I have tried other companies. is the best!”

Nicole G.
Gorovsky Law


Live chat agents on duty 24/7. Per-chat pricing, not per-hour.
No charge for bots, spam, or irrelevant chat sessions.
No annual contract or setup fee. Change plans anytime.

live chat STAFFED 24/7


Per Month
Live Chats
$7/Chat after 20


Per Month
Live Chats
$6/Chat after 50


Per Month
Live Chats
$5/Chat after 120

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Learn how can help your business. We’ll address your questions about phone receptionists, live chat, or both.

Call/text  (650) 727-6484

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ADD-ONS (+cost per chat/mo)

  • Book appointments. By scheduling meetings with leads and clients, we complete the workflow.
    Other services take a message, leaving the follow-up work for you.
  • CRM integration. All chat details and transcripts are sent to your CRM or Zapier.
    We support Clio, HubSpot, Salesforce, and many more.
    1st free
    add'l $0.50


  • Unlimited AI Q&A. Automatically answer questions, provide company info, and more.
  • Unlimited AI Playbooks. Qualify clients with optimized, constrained lead conversion flows.


Live Agents

Friendly, professional, live agents available to answer questions & qualify leads 24/7. Our chat agents have years of experience in customer service or hospitality.

Customized Greetings

Your live chat will greet clients using a personalized greeting specified by you.

Familiar with Your Business

We’ll answer customer questions about hours, payment methods, services provided, and more.

Referrals to Recommended Businesses

We can monetize your "bad leads" by referring them to someone on your custom list of businesses.

Custom Branding & Colors

Choose how your chat widget looks on your website so it matches your overall design and branding.

Custom Placement

Choose where your chat widget is displayed — sitewide or on specific-pages. And you can choose between different styles, such as a chat bubble in the lower right or a "tab" on the left.

Proactive Chat

The level of “assertiveness” of your chat widget is up to you. Your chat widget can prompts the web visitor to engage in a conversation immediately, or after 15, 30, or 60 seconds.


Our chat widget works on every device and browser — computer, tablet, or phone.

AI Technology

From language-translation to qualification playbooks, our proprietary live chat technology enables agents to assist your clients with exceptional care and unparalleled efficiency.

Custom-Built Knowledge Base & Q&A

Build a knowledge base that makes accessing answers to common questions easy for our live receptionists or your full-time chatbot.

SMS Text Answering

In addition to web chat, our live agents can answer text messages sent to your business, following your custom instructions to capture, screen, and schedule new leads. Add SMS text answering to your Live Chat plan for free.

Facebook Messenger

Our live agents can answer Facebook messages for your business, following your custom instructions for handling new leads and current clients. Add Facebook Messenger to your live chat plan for free.

Real-Time Translation

We leverage Neural Network AI to instantly translate chats from Spanish-speaking web visitors if they connect with one of our English-speaking receptionists. The receptionists’ chats in English are translated back into Spanish, bringing fluency to chat conversations. (Note: does have Spanish-speaking receptionists, but not every receptionist is bilingual.)

Mobile Notifications

Get notified on your phone via text message (SMS) every time a new chat occurs. You'll know when new leads come in.


Appointment Scheduling

We’ll gladly book appointments for you and your clients, on your own calendar. We can even prequalify.

E-Commerce Order Integration

Your receptionists can gather e-commerce details such as order number, item info, and address.

CRM Integration can integrate with CRM software to sync visitor information, notes, and more.

New Client Intake

We'll complete new client intake forms for your qualified leads, so new client information is logged in your CRM.

Lead Data Gathering

We'll capture and qualify your leads based on your custom criteria, such as their service needs, where they heard about you, and more.

Customer Service and Support Desk

We can assist your support team by collecting order numbers or tickets. We integrate with many CRMs, too.


Works with Popular Website Hosting Platforms

Our state-of-the-art technology makes it easy to embed our chat widget on your website, whether your site is built on Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, WebFlow, or other website platforms.


Easy Billing

You’ll always know what you are paying for. Base monthly fee, and any overage. That’s it.

No Hidden Fees

You won’t find any surprises on your bill from We like to keep things simple for you.

No Setup Fees

There is no setup fee, or setup fee called something else to hide it from you. Joining is easy and fast.

No Cancellation Fees

Month-by-month contracts mean you can cancel at any time — without any penalty or cancellation fee.


No Charge for Spam or “Wrong Business” Chats

Spam and unwanted chats from people who accidentally landed on your website (instead of the website they intended to visit) don’t count towards your monthly chat quota.


24/7 Worldwide Service

With live agents available 24/7, our friendly & prompt chat service is available in all time zones around the world.

Agents & AI at all hours

Live chat agents work in tandem with AI technology so common questions are answered automatically, with live agents available to carry out full conversations.


At, our customers come first. We are always interested in hearing what you need and do our very best to build new features to accommodate you. Please reach out to us with any questions about customization at or call us at (650) 727-6484. is the best live website chat for small businesses

$100 setup fee
Per lead
Apex Chat
Per relevant chat
Lead qualification
Setup fee
Base pricing
Free trial
Per qualified lead
Custom branding
Bilingual agents
CRM integration
Canned responses & business FAQ
AI-enhanced workflows & answers
Appointment scheduling
Additional seats
AI-driven technology
Staffed by live agents 24/7
Real-time language translation
New client intake
14-day / 20-chat
Text answering
Facebook Messenger integration
Customizable chat responses
Client portal
Google Analytics integration
GDPR compliance

Questions? Answers!

How does text answering work?

Even though our live chat widget is mobile-friendly, sometimes potential clients just want to text you instead, or they find you on Google and text before even visiting your site. So, using your live chat account — and drawing from your chat quota and instructions — our agents can answer your text messages, too! Just request the service by emailing us at, we’ll give you a text-enabled number, and then you can start promoting it on your site and other marketing materials.

How much does text answering cost?

Text answering is set up and billed through your live chat account. We simply treat it as another “channel” for text-based conversations. So, you can start with the Starter plan, and we’ll answer 20 texts and/or chats per month, or you can opt for the Pro plan with 50 texts/chats. The plan cost doesn’t change if we end up answering all chats, all texts, or a combination of both.

How does the free trial work?

You sign up, we onboard you, and the widget goes on your site (we’re happy to help with widget installation if you need it). After 14 days or 20 relevant chats — whichever comes first — you have the option to choose a paid plan if you want to continue. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when the free trial is done.

Will my credit card be charged when I sign up?

Absolutely not. We don't need your credit card information until you've finished your free trial. However, you can add it when you sign up so your chat service  continues uninterrupted after your trial.

Do you bill per chat?

We charge per chat, on a monthly basis. So, with the Basic Plan, for example, you would pay $300 and get 50 chats over the next 30 days (the “monthly billing cycle”). Got over 30 chats? No problem. We charge per chat once you’ve used up your quota (the per-chat cost depends on your plan).

How do you charge for add-ons?

We charge per chat, per month for scheduling and integrations. For example, you’ll pay $20/month to add scheduling to a Starter plan, and $1/chat after your 20-chat quota. The free chatbot plan includes 5 Q&A and 1 Playbook with 5 input fields. We charge a flat monthly fee to add unlimited Q&A or unlimited Playbooks to your chatbot.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope! All plans are month-to-month with no annual contract required. If you’re leaving, you won’t be charged past the current billing cycle — simple as that. Starting back up again is easy, too. And we never charge setup or cancellation fees.

What is a "relevant" chat?

A relevant chat is not spam, sales, accidents, tests, random “hellos,” or incomplete conversations. To us, chats are relevant when we collect a name and email address, and we determine the intent of the chat. We only charge for relevant chats.

Can I pause service and resume?

Since your account is prepaid and month-to-month, you can stop at any time — we’ll finish out the month you’ve already paid for. To stop immediately, let us know and we’ll hold off on any future responses. To resume service, choose a plan and email us to let us know! We’ll start back up right where we left off.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel anytime by emailing us at We’ll get right on it (we require one week notice before your next billing date to give our team time to process it) and won’t hassle you to stay. Ok, truthfully, we might ask a few questions, but we won’t go all Comcast on you. But we will miss you!

Is there a cancellation fee?

No way. With no annual contract, when you cancel, you just finish out your current month, which has already been prepaid by you. Give us a heads up one week in advance, and we won’t charge you past your current billing period.

If I cancel, should I remove the widget from my website?

No need. When you cancel your account, the chat widget will “disappear” automatically. But we take no responsibility for new leads or opportunities you may miss out on.

What happens to the knowledge base of my trained chatbot if I cancel?

We keep all your existing data if you cancel. So, when you resume in the future, you don’t have to retrain your bot or dig up directions you sent us to handle your chats properly. We will just eagerly await your return.