Virtual Receptionists vs. Nexa Receptionists: In-Depth Comparison

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Free trial
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Per call
Per minute
Starting cost
Setup fee
Spam & sales calls
$2.39 per minute
Wrong numbers
$2.39 per minute
Calls answered 24/7
North America-based receptionists
Lead qualification
New lead intake
Higher price tiers only
Appointment scheduling
Higher price tiers only
Payment collection
Call screening, routing & prioritization
Unlimited FAQ
Zip code lookup
Operator service
Warm transfer
Call transfers via SMS & Slack
Instant call summaries by email & SMS
Daily call summaries
Email, SMS, Slack
Receptionists know caller history
Spanish-speaking receptionists
Higher price tiers only
Integrated technology
Call tracking dashboard
CSV upload for whitelist / blocked numbers
CRM, intake & marketing software
Some - Higher price tiers only
Calendaring software
Some - Higher price tiers only
Invoices and payments
SMS & Slack
Read our reviews receptionists can screen, schedule, and intake leads and clients at any price tier. Nexa is an expensive message-taking service.’s outsourced receptionists service goes above and beyond: Our receptionists can answer an unlimited number of common questions, qualify and intake leads, schedule appointments, take payments, make outbound calls, and even set up conference calls, whether you need 20 calls a month or 2000. Nexa Receptionists will answer your phone and take a message, leaving all the follow-up and lead qualification to you. You have to reach certain payment tiers just to have them schedule appointments or do basic intake, and they limit the number of FAQ they’ll answer — do your callers have a limit on questions?

Starting at $2.39/minute and assuming an average call time of 3 minutes, you’ll pay more for Nexa Receptionists than — but are your calls only 3 minutes? And since Nexa charges at least one minute for sales calls, spam callers, and wrong numbers, your monthly quota can really rack up. charges predictable per-call pricing so your caller can be properly addressed and not rushed, and with a low starting cost of $140/month, even small businesses can afford to get started.

Nexa Receptionists doesn’t compare to when it comes to technology. With our proprietary technology, receptionists have unlimited FAQ about your business, lead qualification criteria, general and personal spam blocking, a complete call history for personalized answering, the ability to quickly look up caller zip codes, and much more. Furthermore, we integrate with all major business software, Zapier, Slack, calendars, and payment platforms. Nexa integrates with a few CRM and scheduling platforms, but you’ll need to reach a certain pricing tier to access them.

For personalized answering, more quality leads, booked and paid-for appointments, predictable and affordable pricing, free handling of spam, sales, and wrong numbers, and AI-assisted receptionists, businesses prefer to Nexa Receptionists.


  • Live receptionists on duty 24/7. Forward all incoming calls or overflow phone calls only.
  • Lead qualification & client intake with CRM integration for complete workflows
  • Payment collection, with integration to your credit card processing software
  • Appointment setting & call-back scheduling, with calendar software integration
  • Outbound calls: web-form follow-ups, work status updates & appointment reminders
  • Spam & sales call blocking, call screening & prioritization, plus VIP pass-throughs
Text answering
We capture leads & help clients who text you — with live agents & AI

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“I rely on to handle all of my firm's calls. Their intake process integrates with my practice management software, which saves me time. Plus, their professionalism means I pay a fraction of the cost of an in-house receptionist without sacrificing quality. I recommend to every attorney I see.”

Regina Edwards
Edwards Family Law

“Having someone professionally answer our phones is essential to operating a business. We engaged with Smith about 3 months ago and have been extremely pleased with the service they are providing us. They are very flexible and their integration with technology has functionally made a huge difference for us. I receive a SMS message and an email within seconds of a call with all pertinent information regarding the call. They ensure critical calls make it through to me and sales calls are screened. This makes my day much more productive and we get a professional service answering the phones.”

" has been a major hack into improving my business flow. Playing phone tag with potential clients and constantly getting interrupted with sales calls was so tiresome. has completely alleviated this problem. They screen all calls that come into my main office number so only critical calls get through to me, and they schedule appointments with potential clients after having carefully screened them through my intake process. I now save so much time and only have quality appointments booked. Less stress, more appointments. It's a total win!"

“Having real, live people answering the phone has made a huge difference in the volume of my practice, and I'm all about's technology-driven approach. I can focus on my clients without interruptions from sales calls and spammers, yet I remain in the loop when I'm in court or a meeting thanks to their text summaries. I love that manages my web chats now, too! They're one of the key reasons I was able to grow from a solopreneur to an 8 person team!

Justie Nicol
Nicol Law Offices

“ has been integral to my business at CMIT Solutions of Morristown. Their service was extremely easy to set up and they have been extremely professional with their customer care. Having a live-answer service handle all my incoming calls gives my business a level of professionalism that it was missing and allows me to easily prioritize all of my call-backs. I highly recommend to any business looking for a live-answer service.”

"As small business owners, it is very important to have a professional image with a quick response to our phone calls. We are at ease knowing that our clients are being greeted with a professional, friendly and upbeat voice when they call our office. The message taking is very clear, concise and effective, and allows our contact with our clients to be frictionless, effective and progressive. The service quality and superior communication skills of the team makes them a true extension of our office."

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$5/Call after 120
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