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Compare features and see how we create more sales opportunities for your business through our outbound calls. Virtual Receptionists:
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Per contact
Per month + agent fees
Starting cost
Set-up fee
Monthly minimum
50 warm contacts or 1,000 cold contacts
Setup & onboarding period
1-2 days
Info unavailable
Minimum commitment
6 months
Long-term contract
Cancellation fee
Info unavailable


North America-based professionals
24/7/365 live sales calls
Spanish-speaking agents
Agents work from quiet home offices


Appointment setting
Info unavailable
Cold calling
✔ Warm & cold outreach available
Info unavailable
Inbound call handling
✔ From $285/mo, optional
Info unavailable
Warm transfers
Call transfer notifications via SMS, Slack & Teams
Complex call routing
Prospecting & lead engagement
Lead screening & qualification
Info unavailable
Complete intake & order forms
Payment collection
Answer basic FAQs
Email & SMS follow up
Info unavailable
Event sign-ups & registrations


Copywriting & script review
Info unavailable
Custom instructions, goals, and workflows backed by AI
Info unavailable
Sales playbooks
Info unavailable
List upload
✔ API and CSV Upload
✔ CSV upload
Lead lists provided


Client dashboard with real-time campaign tracking
CRM, intake & marketing software integration
Zapier integration
Calendaring software integration
Online invoice & payment integration
SMS, Slack & Teams integration
✘ SMS only
Goal-oriented workflows
Call recording & transcription
✘ Transcription only
Local caller ID matching
Open APIs


Dedicated account manager
Client support channels
Phone, email, and SMS
Phone, email, and SMS
Quality assurance team
Strategic staff per campaign
Info unavailable

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Triniter hands you a customer support team to manage while provides full-service SDR support.

Triniter is a customer support solution that provides outsourced team members for you to manage. With, you get a full team of SDRs — focused on taking real work off your plate — not adding to it. 

We do it all — from strategy and setup to execution and oversight to make sure we’re successful in meeting your most important business objectives. That could include follow-ups on sales inquiries, screening leads, inviting contacts to an event, or booking sales appointments. Our sales outreach includes white-glove setup, client onboarding, custom call scripts, dedicated account managers, and multi-touch engagement. By handling all the details involved in campaign management, we free your team up to spend more time closing deals. plans start at just $600 a month for 50 leads, and you only pay for the leads you want us to reach. Included in every campaign is appointment setting, new-client form completion, and outbound business caller ID. Unlike Triniter, we can also handle complex call routing, warm transfers, and payment collection. Our agents make up to five calls per contact to reach your targeted leads and use a call-first strategy that incorporates text and email follow-up with detailed information as supplemental engagement techniques. The multi-channel approach we take improves engagement rates across campaigns.

If you hire one of Triniter’s agents, you only get 40 hours per week of labor. agents are available 24/7 — with our call cadence and timing specifically built around your target audience and outreach goals. Plus, our team can easily scale based on your lead volume with our hundreds of North America-based SDRs. 

We also offer the option to have inbound coverage when leads call back in response to voicemails or messages. Our 24/7 virtual receptionists are available to add to any Outreach Campaign plan for just $285 per month, ensuring 360-degree coverage of your leads. We even offer 24/7 live chat so leads visiting your website after receiving our outreach are greeted and engaged immediately. We handle the entire “frontline” of your lead flow so you never need to worry about coverage when our campaigns are running.

Our technology edges out Triniter, too. We use custom-built AI to guide our agent conversations and help them work past stalls or objections to earn better results. Not only that, but seamlessly syncs with over 5,000 CRMs, marketing platforms, calendars, billing systems, and form software — so you can keep your current systems in place. Through these integrations, you can pipe leads directly to us for immediate outbound engagement. That’s automation Triniter doesn’t offer. Plus, we can supply leads for cold calling. For a low cost of $1/lead, which includes targeting strategy and research, we can help you ensure ongoing lead engagement.

Triniter’s dashboard may help you measure high-level stats, but’s dashboard gives you full visibility into your campaign’s success. You can see the attempts we’ve made and call outcomes per contact — plus you can review call recordings and searchable transcriptions. That way, you know exactly what happened with every call to fully measure your sales investment.

For full-service sales development, North America-based SDRs, flexible and affordable pricing, and robust CRM integrations, is the superior choice over Triniter.

Strategic ways to enhance your sales team

Warm engagement for inbound leads and clients, and cold prospecting to accelerate sales growth from the ground up.

Warm engagement

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Cold prospecting

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Per-contact pricing, not per-minute or per-agent
Ongoing support to meet your business objectives
North America-based agents who work 24/7
Custom campaigns with no annual contracts
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Trusted by 3,000+ businesses

5.0 stars
4.9 stars
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Crushing sales quotas
Before, I’d have to monitor the lead inbox. Now, is making the outbound call as soon as the lead comes in. They vet it for me and I get to talk to only qualified leads. We essentially have a team of intake people who know our product and work directly for us.
Adam Cohen
Managing Partner, Ticket Crushers


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Calls, chats & appointments are automatically logged in your systems. Real-time syncing with over 5,000 integrations.
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