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Compare features and see how we create more sales opportunities for your business through our outbound calls. Virtual Receptionists:
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Per contact
Per hour
Starting cost
Custom quote
Set-up fee
Custom quote
Monthly minimum
50 warm contacts or 1,000 cold contacts
160 hours
Setup & onboarding period
1-2 days
Info unavailable
Minimum commitment
6 months
Info unavailable
Long-term contract
Info unavailable
Cancellation fee
Info unavailable


North America-based professionals
Info unavailable
24/7/365 live sales calls
Spanish-speaking agents
Agents work from quiet home offices
Info unavailable


Appointment setting
Cold calling
✔ Warm & cold outreach available
Inbound call handling
✔ From $285/mo, optional
Warm transfers
Call transfer notifications via SMS, Slack & Teams
Complex call routing
Info unavailable
Prospecting & lead engagement
Lead screening & qualification
Info unavailable
Complete intake & order forms
Info unavailable
Payment collection
Answer basic FAQs
Info unavailable
Email & SMS follow up
Event sign-ups & registrations
Info unavailable


Copywriting & script review
Custom instructions, goals, and workflows backed by AI
Sales playbooks
List upload
✔ API and CSV Upload
Info unavailable
Lead lists provided
Info unavailable


Client dashboard with real-time campaign tracking
CRM, intake & marketing software integration
✘ Some
Zapier integration
Calendaring software integration
✘ Some
Online invoice & payment integration
SMS, Slack & Teams integration
Goal-oriented workflows
Info unavailable
Call recording & transcription
Info unavailable
Local caller ID matching
Open APIs


Dedicated account manager
Client support channels
Phone, email, and SMS
Phone, email, and SMS
Quality assurance team
✘ 1 QA representative only
Strategic staff per campaign
Info unavailable

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Affordable plans for every budget. offers an entire workforce of sales-trained agents while Exclusive Calls sells SDRs by the hour.

Exclusive Calls offers outbound callers for either 40, 80, or 160 hours per month. It’s an inflexible model that doesn’t fit specific business needs. deploys an entire workforce — leveraging hundreds of North America-based agents — all focused on meeting your specific campaign objectives. With this approach, we can perform sales outreach more efficiently and at a much wider scale.

Your customers aren’t bound to only 40 hours a week, and neither should your coverage. Exclusive Calls charges in hourly batches, but it’s difficult to find full pricing details. is the more straightforward solution. Our plans start at just $600 per month for 24/7 outbound calls. We charge per contact — with 50 contacts included at the starting price. That also includes a five-call cadence with every campaign — along with follow-up email and text messages for improved conversion rates. Additional bundled features at no additional cost include appointment setting, CRM/Zapier integration, new-client intake forms, and outbound business caller ID.

Exclusive Calls lacks technology, customizations, or any sort of business strategy. With, you can rely on our AI-empowered agents. Using our proprietary software, we make calls at the right time, use the right messaging, and focus on the right objectives — as defined by you. We’ll even help you set up integrations to sync our systems together. Through these integrations, we can automatically import leads into our system from yours, such as when new leads complete a new-client website form or respond to an email. You can pass those leads directly to for immediate outbound engagement and improve your speed to lead time.’s sales-trained agents are ready to do your cold calling as well. We collaborate with you to create the perfect call messaging and can quickly supply targeted lead lists to you upon request for a low cost of $1/lead. This includes a targeting strategy and research, along with sample list data so you have confidence the leads meet your business’ ICP.

We offer rich call intelligence too, so you can quickly and easily view campaign results in your client dashboard and monitor everything you need to know about your campaign’s performance. You’ll know exactly how many attempts were made, how many more attempts are outstanding, and how well the campaign is performing. 

Critically, we also offer the option to have inbound coverage when leads call back in response to voicemails and messages sent to them. Our 24/7 virtual receptionists are available to add-on to any Outreach Campaigns plan for just $285 per month, ensuring 360-degree coverage of your leads, particularly those with the highest intent. We even offer 24/7 live chat so leads visiting your website after receiving our outbound calls are greeted and engaged immediately. We handle the entire “frontline” of your lead flow so you never need to worry about in-house coverage when our campaigns are running on your behalf.

We know that most outreach campaigns are time- and ROI-sensitive. That’s why, for growth-minded business owners looking for sales-trained agents, a full strategy, and rich reporting features, is the superior choice over Exclusive Calls.

Strategic ways to enhance your sales team

Warm engagement for inbound leads and clients, and cold prospecting to accelerate sales growth from the ground up.

Warm engagement

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Cold prospecting

Plans starting at

Per-contact pricing, not per-minute or per-agent
Ongoing support to meet your business objectives
North America-based agents who work 24/7
Custom campaigns with no annual contracts
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Trusted by 3,000+ businesses

5.0 stars
4.9 stars
5.0 stars
4.6 stars
Crushing sales quotas
Before, I’d have to monitor the lead inbox. Now, is making the outbound call as soon as the lead comes in. They vet it for me and I get to talk to only qualified leads. We essentially have a team of intake people who know our product and work directly for us.
Adam Cohen
Managing Partner, Ticket Crushers


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Calls, chats & appointments are automatically logged in your systems. Real-time syncing with over 5,000 integrations.
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