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Compare features and see how businesses like yours can better capture leads and serve clients with Web Chat. Web Chat:
The best alternative to AnswerConnect



Money-back guarantee
14 days
Per chat price
$5-10 per relevant chat
Billed per minute
Starting price
$350/month for 200 minutes
Setup fee
Custom programming done for you
Seats for your staff
No seats needed
Terms of service
Overage costs
Priced per chat at current plan


Staffed by live agents 24/7
Text Answering
New client intake
AI-driven technology
✔ Free
Captures email with every conversation
Captures phone number if desired
Appointment scheduling
Client callbacks
Custom branding
✔ Free
Reporting & analytics
Canned responses & business FAQ
Pre-chat disclaimer
Client portal
View transcript for every chat
White-glove setup


CRM integration
Zapier integration
Google Analytics integration
Open API


Uses conversational AI
No code builder
Train chat with your data
Automated lead qualification
Understands user intent
Smart Q&A database

Outsourced Chat vs. Live Chat Software's Outsourced Chat

Live chat software

Answers messages w/o extra staff
No, your team has to do the work
Quick one-time setup
No, do it youself
Responds immediately 24/7
Depends on your staffing
Automates lead qualification & intake
Can handle multiple chats with ease
Depends on your staffing
Screens spam & sales

Outsourced Chat vs. Chatbot Software's Outsourced Chat

Chatbot Software

Staffed by live agents
Can provide empathy or emotional intelligence
Can handle complex issues right away
Responds immediately 24/7
Can provide a personalized experience
Yes, with extensive programming
Quick one-time setup
Depends on goals and software

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Affordable plans for every budget.’s Web Chat has predictable pricing while AnswerConnect’s monthly charges can quickly add up.

For small businesses, a chat solution should be both efficient and affordable.’s starter plan includes up to 20 chats at $7/chat. We also offer simple à la carte pricing at $10/chat — where you only pay for what you need. With this type of pricing, it makes it both predictable and budget-friendly. Plus, our white-glove setup includes everything you need to get started including custom playbooks, chat widget customization, and agent instructions based on your business needs.

AnswerConnect is much more expensive. Beginning with a setup fee of almost $50, their per-minute pricing can become expensive rather quickly. Imagine you have a distracted customer who has multiple browsers open and takes multiple minutes to respond to each chat. One or two time-consuming conversations a week could easily eat up your entire monthly budget. 

Beyond pricing, AnswerConnect doesn’t have a no-code playbook builder, can’t respond to customer text messages, and doesn’t use advanced AI. We do.’s next-generation AI provides rapid responses to customer chats. Using large language models, we ingest your website — and any other public URLs you provide — to start building your custom knowledge base, relieving your team from having to provide any of that information manually. Our AI then goes to work and provides rapid responses to customer inquiries based on that data.

Meanwhile, our 24/7, bilingual agents are ready to intervene, when needed. Our live, North America-based agents provide that human touch that’s often needed for complex or sensitive conversations. They can also take actions to best meet customer needs which could include gathering contact information, qualifying leads, collecting payments, and setting appointments. We can also answer text messages from customers. also offers more integrations than AnswerConnect. We sync with the most popular calendar systems, billing software, and CRMs — including Salesforce and Hubspot. We also connect to Make and Zapier, which opens up thousands of more integration and workflow solutions. Not only that, but you have access to chat analytics in your client dashboard, where you can easily measure the impact of your chat’s performance. is a comprehensive customer engagement solution. Available to add on to any plan is our Virtual Receptionist service, starting at $285/mo, which handles all your inbound calls. Additionally, our Outreach Campaigns provide sales outreach services, starting at $600/mo. Combined with our Web Chat solution, we can handle the entire frontline of your lead flow — freeing your team up to spend more time on higher-value tasks.

If you’re looking for a solution that includes AI capabilities, text answering, affordable pricing, and rich technology integrations, is the superior choice over AnswerConnect.

Predictable and affordable pricing

We have prices for small to large organizations and everything in between.

Plans starting at

Per month
Chats per month
View pricing details
Simple per-chat pricing, not per-hour or per-agent
Easy and predictable month-to-month pricing
No charge for spam or unwanted sales chats
No annual contracts or setup fees
Our agents and AI harmoniously work to meet the rigorous demands of your business.

Trusted by 3,000+ businesses

5.0 stars
4.9 stars
5.0 stars
4.6 stars
Generate more leads with chat
Initially, I was skeptical. But in that first week alone, we got 20 new leads, 3 bought products, and I paid for my entire year of service in that one week.
Jorge Morales
Specialized ECU Repair


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Affordable plans for every budget.