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Lead qualification
AI-driven technology
Canned responses & business FAQ
Appointment scheduling
CRM integration
Bilingual agents & language translation
Custom branding
Read our reviews’s Live Chat captures leads on multiple platforms with transparent pricing. LeadChat offers web chat only.

Outsourced live chat should be accessible to all your potential clients. That's why live chat captures and qualifies leads on web chat, Facebook Messenger, and even over text message. Our professional live agents are backed by sophisticated technology that automates qualification, business Q&A, Spanish-English translation, and native CRM integrations. So our professional agents are able to focus 100% on driving conversions, including scheduling consultations with qualified leads on the calendar you currently use, leaving you with very little follow-up work.

How much does all of that cost? Free for 14 days or 20 chats (whichever comes first). We want you to try out the service! After your free trial, pricing starts at $140/month for 20 chats — which comes out to $7 per relevant chat (spam and sales chats are filtered for free). No setup fees, no cancellation fees, and no tricks.

LeadChat's website and process lack transparency. They don't have a free trial or any published pricing, so you have to get on the phone with them to sign up. Click their "See Pricing" button, and you will be asked questions about your own website volume, plus your email, phone, and website URL — all required for them to send you a pricing email. Which leads us to wonder, why does pricing come in an email if it's the same for everyone?

What else is vague on the website? Setup costs and timeframes, whether they offer long-term or month-to-month contracts, and how they intend to capture more leads for you. Without a free trial, you have to open the checkbook to try the service. Do you want to negotiate the cost of a service you haven't even tried?

A couple of things we do know: LeadChat doesn't use AI tech (information searches are manual), they don't answer Facebook messages or texts, and their platform can't translate languages automatically. We've found all of these features essential in capturing more leads and being available 24/7 for current clients — which builds brand trust.

For no hidden fees, transparent and predictable pricing, AI technology-backed live agents, Facebook messages and text answering, Spanish-English translation services, and increased brand trust, many businesses choose Live Chat.


  • Live chat agents on duty 24/7
  • Appointment & call-back scheduling with calendar integration
  • Payment collection with billing software integration
  • Real-time lead qualification & intake with CRM integration for complete workflows
  • AI technology powers automatic responses, real-time English-Spanish translation, and more.
  • Instant chat transcripts via email. Contacts and chat conversations logged in your CRM.
Text answering
We capture leads & help clients who text you — with live agents & AI

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“Great customer care and functionality. I love using They do such a great job in following instructions on how I'd like my cases handled. I especially love the fact that I get email transcripts of all chats. I have never had incorrect information obtained (contact info) from any potential clients by They are very detail oriented!”

Justie Nicol
Nicol Law Offices

"Smith allows us to converse with website visitors and turn them into potential clients. They've made it easier for us to be there at all times, even when we're not. We've worked with other vendors in the past and have found among the easiest to use. They're very responsive, they communicate well, and serve as our front lines for client communications."

Scott Peterson
D'Orazio Peterson

“Simple way to start a great client experience. There are a lot of Chat options available, but this was a no brainer for us because of our great experience with as a company. Everything they do is focused on simplicity. Stuff just works. They make everything easy and have focused on hiring great people, which is evident by the way they treat us as a customer and the people that they chat with on our behalf.”

Brian Waller
Sequel Law

“Love Chat! There is no way that I could staff a feature like that in house with my small business. makes the chat feature available around the clock. I am a lawyer and this feature is great for clients who are nervous or shy about making that initial phone call, or who are up thinking about the problem that they need help with outside of business hours. The Website Chat also integrates perfectly with my CRM/case management software. It has really been a boost to my business. I have tried other companies. is the best!”

Nicole G.
Gorovsky Law

live chat STAFFED 24/7


Per Month
Live Chats
$7/Chat after 20


Per Month
Live Chats
$6/Chat after 50


Per Month
Live Chats
$5/Chat after 120

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