Chatbot vs. Userlike

Compare features and see how your business can better capture leads and serve clients with the fully automated Chatbot.


The Advantage

Capture leads 24/7
No staff
Free & unlimited chats The best alternative to Userlike
Unlimited chat conversations
100% bot-answered chats, 24/7
Captures email on every conversation
Captures phone number if desired
Automated lead qualification
Smart Q&A database
Custom AI bot
Pre-chat disclaimer
Custom branding
Public API
Email support
Activity Dashboard
Seats for your staff
No seats needed
1</br>More seats with premium plans
Add professional live-chat agents
From $140/mo
Totally optional
X – live chat is available, but has to be staffed by you
Unlimited Q&A and knowledge base
X – you'll have to go elsewhere for this feature
Unlimited conversation playbooks
X – you'll have to find playbooks elsewhere
CRM integrations
Available with paid plans
Zapier integration
Available with paid plans
White-glove setup option
$150 one-time fee
Totally optional
X – the work is up to your team
Custom programming
Totally optional
Available with Flex plans (custom quote)
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Automated Chatbots vs. Live Chat Software

Automated Chatbot
Live Chat Software
Answers messages w/o extra staff
Quick one-time setup
Responds immediately 24/7
Automates lead qualification & intake
Triages chats automatically
100% consistency
Screens spam & sales
No Chatbot is a fully automated solution for lead capture. Userlike Live Chat is a modern messaging solution for your team.

At the current moment, live chat and chatbots are being pushed more than ever before. Of course, this can prove to be both a good thing and a bad thing for some businesses. After all, while it’s great to have options, it can be difficult to figure out which ones are actually going to deliver results. 

And let’s face it—once you’ve been inundated with poor results, you’re not going to want to work very hard to find the best ones. 

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Today’s audience wants dynamic, real-time solutions for communication. With Userlike and the Chatbot, that’s easier than you could ever imagine. Both of these apps offer impressive chatbots along with a host of other included and premium features that may incur an additional cost. 

Single-seat plans from Userlike are available at no charge, but you get very limited access to the features of the platform. If you upgrade to a corporate plan, you can get up to 10 seats, and they will all offer unlimited conversations and contacts. Analytics aren’t available until you upgrade to a premium plan, however, so keep that in mind. offers a full suite of analytics and user insights for businesses. The Chatbot is also designed to be used with rich media, integrated with the apps and tools that you use, and trained with natural language processing to handle all kinds of inquiries and requests so that your customers have the service solutions they demand. Plus, it starts at the right price of free.

While Userlike does a good job of providing solutions for free or those on a budget, the fact is that it just falls short in the personalized, customized, and dedicated attention that you get from a tool like the chatbot.


Live chat agents on duty 24/7
Real-time lead qualification & intake with CRM integration for complete workflows
Appointment & call-back scheduling with calendar integration
AI technology powers automatic responses, real-time English-Spanish translation, and more.
Payment collection with online billing and invoice links
Instant chat transcripts via email. Contacts and chat conversations logged in your CRM.

What our customers are saying

“Great customer care and functionality. I love using They do such a great job in following instructions on how I'd like my cases handled. I especially love the fact that I get email transcripts of all chats. I have never had incorrect information obtained (contact info) from any potential clients by They are very detail oriented!”
Justie Nicol
"Smith allows us to converse with website visitors and turn them into potential clients. They've made it easier for us to be there at all times, even when we're not. We've worked with other vendors in the past and have found among the easiest to use. They're very responsive, they communicate well, and serve as our front lines for client communications."
Scott Peterson
“Simple way to start a great client experience. There are a lot of Chat options available, but this was a no brainer for us because of our great experience with as a company. Everything they do is focused on simplicity. Stuff just works. They make everything easy and have focused on hiring great people, which is evident by the way they treat us as a customer and the people that they chat with on our behalf.”
Brian Waller
“Love Chat! There is no way that I could staff a feature like that in house with my small business. makes the chat feature available around the clock. I am a lawyer and this feature is great for clients who are nervous or shy about making that initial phone call, or who are up thinking about the problem that they need help with outside of business hours. The Website Chat also integrates perfectly with my CRM/case management software. It has really been a boost to my business. I have tried other companies. is the best!”
Nicole G.

Unlimited chats answered 24/7/365


Per Month
chat conversations
4 q&A and 1 playbook


Unlimited playbooks - $50/mo
Unlimited Q&A - $50/mo
CRM Integrations - $0.50/chat
White-glove installation - $150

We integrate with your software

Contacts and chat transcripts are instantly logged in your systems

Small businesses trust Chatbot to capture more leads