Commercial paint retailer speeds up lead response time

Live agents handle calls & improves the customer experience
Jason Shaw

Companies selling goods and services online know how to present their wares to facilitate decision making, but when customers need assistance with placing an order, they often still want live help by phone. So, what does a company do when their team is overwhelmed with order processing and fulfillment, and hiring more in-house staff is too time consuming and costly? They hire's virtual receptionists to address customer questions and complete purchases.'s friend, professional receptionists can gather contact information, order details, and inquiries from new and existing customers who call in, and provide answers to common questions, 24/7. They can also triage requests to the sales or support team. After every call, the receptionist's summary is transcribed into a detailed email that seamlessly integrates into your company’s CRM or ticketing software. Phone calls are handled professionally and promptly, so in-house staff can focus on solving customers' needs, not collecting routine information. Virtual receptionists help you focus your team's attention where it matters most.


Springfield, New Jersey
The problem
Needing prompt responses to new & existing customers
Our solution
Improved speed to lead with outsourced support

The leading supplier of precision paint color matching solutions, MyPerfectColor was having difficulty answering all of their calls during the busiest hours of the day. They needed a reliable, cost-effective way to provide outstanding support to their customers while making their internal service team more efficient. They turned to the highly responsive and professional virtual receptionists at, and the results have been incredible. receptionists now answer overflow and after-hours calls with the utmost attention to detail, take thorough messages, and escalate high-priority service issues. The virtual receptionists collect all important customer information including email, phone, order information and more, and pass these details via email into MyPerfectColor's support queue. This is all done at a fraction of the cost of a full-time in-house employee, and keeps the receptionists in sync in real-time with MyPerfectColor's support team. provides excellent front-line responsiveness to new and existing customers, and MyPerfectColor gets even better customer service coverage during and after business hours!

“So much more than an answering service. gives us a personal way to focus on executing at the fast pace required in startup life.”

Finding the right custom spray paint color for business and residential customers can be stressful. That's why MyPerfectColor has always made phone support an important part of their e-commerce company. MyPerfectColor prides themselves on providing an end-to-end online paint-shopping solution for more than 200,000 colors and 100 color standards and paint brands, including Pantone, RAL, Federal Standard 595, and more.

Partnering with allows MyPerfectColor to focus on what it does best, and lets it breathe easier during the busiest times of the day. When the phones are ringing off the hook, they know receptionists will do a great job fielding their customers' inquiries and forwarding them to their in-house team for prompt follow-up. is a superior 24/7 call answering service for small businesses and individuals. Our virtual receptionists help you build better relationships with new and existing customers. We will help save you money and time, give your clients the personalized attention they deserve (don’t we all prefer to talk to a human!), and capture and convert more qualified leads (bye-bye spam calls!).

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