Law firm marketing agency routes leads by content & priority

Pass the gatekeeper responsibilities to
David Haskins
Haskins & Co.

Digital marketing agencies live and die by details. Clients are demanding, social media is constantly evolving and one tweak to Google’s algorithm can change your brand strategy. In a market as tight as this, one negative interaction can undermine years of careful brand management and reputation-building. Can you make sure your clients can reach you when they need you, that new business is handled correctly, and still find the time to actually build websites, social presence, and SEO for 100+ businesses? With, you do that and more.

Haskins & Co.

Greenville, South Carolina
The problem
Law firm marketing agency needs a gatekeeper for inbound inquiries
Our solution
24/7 lead screening and routing

David Haskins of the law firm marketing agency Haskins & Co. knows what it’s like to work for clients with little time and specific needs — he has helped more than 100 law firms build smart, aggressive growth strategies catering to their individual practice areas. Clients and potential clients need to be able to reach him before, during, and after hours, so David’s time is precious. The time he and his team spends with cold callers adds up, fast.

With, David doesn’t just have his calls answered; he has them addressed and routed by content and priority. He can give specific instructions for where to send his most important clients by email or SMS if he's unavailable: “This takes a lot off my plate as a business owner.” David uses Chat, too, and loves that both calls summaries and chat logs are e-mailed directly to him to review later in the day. For everyone else, he doesn’t just have an answering service passing people along — he has a true gatekeeper.

“Other answering services just pass people through. They're not a gatekeeper like”

His positive experience has led to him sharing with his own clients: He knows his campaigns are more successful when people get their calls answered. After all, “Those clients can miss out on thousands of dollars in revenue from a single missed opportunity. Smith is a must-have for those law firms.”

Digital marketing is an industry that marries creativity and detail, and whether it's SEO, web, or video marketing, David's clients need his help to grow — and win — online. His mission is not just to be the best, but to be fast and accurate in the process. His virtual and live chat receptionists have to be just as on the ball to serve as the  face of Haskins & Co.

David has that with's professional receptionists, who bring years of experience to every conversation new and existing clients have with his firm. With, digital marketing companies like David's can give the best impression — the first time and every time. is a superior 24/7 call answering service for small businesses and individuals. Our virtual receptionists help you build better relationships with new and existing customers. We will help save you money and time, give your clients the personalized attention they deserve (don’t we all prefer to talk to a human!), and find more qualified leads (bye-bye spam calls!)

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