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Virtual Receptionist solutions for phone calls, Outreach Campaigns for sales and support, and Chat solutions for web and text.
For solopreneurs or small teams, where every lead matters.
30 calls
$285 / month
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1 free transfer destination
$10.50 per conversation over 30


For growing teams, where advanced systems are needed.
90 calls
$765 / month
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2 free transfer destinations
$9.50 per conversation over 90


For mature organizations that are ready to scale efficiently.
300 calls
$1,950 / month
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10 free transfer destinations
$7.50 per conversation over 300


We can create a plan to suit your high-volume needs.
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Custom transfer destinations
Price adjusted based on your needs


Lead screening, qualification & intake
Live-staffed with expert agents 24/7
Rich business insights in your dashboard
No setup fees
No overseas agents
No hidden fees
No charge for spam

Additional functionality

Tailor your experience and only pay for what you need.
Included features
CRM integrations
Call details are sent automatically to your CRM or Zapier.
We support HubSpot, Salesforce, Clio, and many more ($0.50/call per additional CRM).
1st Free!
Lead qualification
We’ll capture and qualify your leads based on your custom criteria.
We’ll make sure a potential lead is a good fit for your services, location, and prices.
New client intake
We’ll ask business-specific intake questions to your qualified leads.
2-3 short-answer questions (e.g., case number, traffic ticket number, address for real estate.)
Dedicated phone number
A dedicated local or toll-free number is given to you, and only you.
You'll have a dedicated number to use for calls. Or port your business number at no charge.
Live-staffed 24/7
Never miss an opportunity with around-the-clock live call answering.
Calls at 2 pm and 2 am cost the same. Don’t pay extra for 24/7 service.
Call add-ons (priced per-call, monthly)
Book appointments
We’ll schedule meetings directly on your calendar.
We support Calendly, Acuity, Appointy, Harmonizely, and many more.
SMS/Slack notifications
Receive a SMS/Slack message when a caller qualifies for a transfer.
Accept or reject call transfers. +$0.25 for each additional 'ping' (e.g., try person B after person A).
Microsoft Teams notifications
Get a message in Teams when a caller qualifies for a transfer.
Accept or reject call transfers. +$0.25 for each additional 'ping' (e.g., try person B after A).
Text & email follow-up
Based on your criteria, we’ll send a follow-up message after the call.
Perfect for having your leads fill out web forms, submit documents, or keep them engaged.
Conflict checks
Our receptionists can check new leads for conflicts of interest.
Our system securely checks for conflicts in your CRM while protecting your data.
Call recording & transcription
We’ll automatically record and transcribe all calls.
Includes access to call recordings and searchable transcripts. Learn more.
Dedicated Spanish line
Every call answered in Spanish by a fluent Spanish-speaking agent.
Have all incoming calls routed to a fully bilingual receptionist — fluent in both English and Spanish.
Accept collect calls
We’ll accept (and pay) the charges for any incoming collect calls.
Attorneys who work with inmates often require this helpful add-on feature.
Accept payments
From deposits to invoices, we make sure you get paid.
We support Square, PayPal, LawPay, TrialPay, CPACharge, and more.
Third-party intake
We’ll input caller information and ask questions on a third-party form.
Up to one minute of additional questions. Read our Reasonable Use Policy.
Complex call routing
Set unique rules for each number, time of day, and extension.
Route calls based on schedules or availability. Ring your team sequentially or alert everyone.
Custom calendaring
We can book meetings with complex rules, like checking multiple calendars.
For more complex scheduling workflows. Read our Reasonable Use Policy.
Extended intake
Ask six additional questions to further qualify and organize leads.
Define the lead details you want to collect. Read our Reasonable Use Policy.
Custom extended intake
Add more questions beyond extended intake, as needed.
Priced per question. Unlimited questions can be asked. Read our Reasonable Use Policy.
Plan add-ons (monthly cost)
Business caller ID for outbound
Your customers only ever see one phone number: Yours.
When we make outbound calls, the call recipient sees your business phone number. Learn more.
Additional transfer destinations
Add lines or extensions for transfer destinations and routing.
Purchase as many additional transfer destinations as you need.
Inbound call tracking numbers
Get the most out of your marketing campaigns with tracking numbers.
Purchase as many additional tracking numbers as you need for $5 per number per month. 

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Converts callers into clients is our inbound sales team. Having a trained and personable voice has transformed our ability to answer the phone and convert callers to clients.
Jeremy Treister
Owner, CMIT Solutions of Downtown Chicago
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