Law Ruler

Law Ruler includes law firm CRM, client intake, and marketing automation solutions that modernize firms and turbocharge growth.
Law Ruler

Law Ruler is powerful practice management software for law firms including critical features for casework and firm growth, most notably law firm CRM, client intake, and marketing automation solutions. Manage leads, clients, and cases more efficiently with a robust set of tools that include analytics, email campaigns, document automation, and much more. Clients can also listen to recorded calls and review call transcriptions.

How the and Law Ruler integration works

When you connect with Law Ruler, all calls handled by’s receptionists will now appear in Law Ruler. With this integration, after every call, will:

  • Create a new lead for callers that don’t exist in your Law Ruler account
  • Match callers with existing contacts or leads that already exist in Law Ruler
  • Add call details to the notes section of a (new or existing) contact or lead
  • Add the call as an activity on the Law Ruler newsfeed