Contact Form 7

A free WordPress plugin that allows users to create customizable contact forms


Pair's sales outreach and SDR support with your preferred WordPress plugin, Contact Form 7.

Install Contact Form 7 on your WordPress site and connect it to to collect info from new web leads. A completed form will automatically trigger an outbound call from one of our agents, ensuring you reach, engage, and qualify new web leads as soon as they come in. 

Connect your Contact Form 7 software to a superior sales outreach service

Once you connect Contact Form 7 with, you can automatically add leads that fill out forms on your site to for immediate outbound calling. Our AI-driven workflows lead the way with the right messaging & cadence to maximize results and reach the highest conversion rates.

Benefits of Contact Form 7 + Outreach Campaigns

Engage Interested Leads

When visitors on your website fill out forms, it means they are interested and have the intention to make a purchase. It's important not to lose these potential leads  — and now you don’t have to. Have reach out to every new lead who completes a form on your website. Streamline your sales process and convert more potential leads when our agents provide 24/7 lead engagement and conversion, appointment scheduling, and payment collection. 

Expand Outreach Efforts

Our team at is dedicated to helping you convert web leads into customers. Our live-staffed agents, based in North America and available 24/7, will use effective sales techniques to guide them through your sales funnel. Additionally, our outreach campaign plans include follow-up emails and text messages, as well as appointment booking, to give you more chances to successfully reach and convert potential customers around the world and clock.

About Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a free WordPress plugin that allows users to create customizable contact forms.


How to Connect Contact Form 7 and for Outreach Campaigns

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