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Connect your Airtable to a superior customer engagement service

Using Airtable, a highly flexible and intuitive platform, enhances project management, lead handling, and customer interaction. Its integration with's virtual receptionist services can transform your business workflow, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

Benefits of Airtable + Virtual Receptionists

Never miss a lead

When’s receptionists interact with your clients or potential leads, the details of these interactions can be captured directly into Airtable. From basic contact information to detailed summaries, everything is logged efficiently in your Airtable base. This integration keeps your customer data organized and easily accessible for follow-up actions.

Efficient workflow automation

Combine the power of with Airtable to automate workflow processes. This includes updating records based on the conversations and interactions managed by Whether it's updating lead statuses or adding new client details, this integration ensures your Airtable bases are always up-to-date, reflecting the latest interactions.

Customizable integration via Zapier and Make and Airtable integration can be customized through Zapier and Make, enabling a seamless data flow between the two platforms. This flexibility allows you to create tailored workflows that match your specific business needs​​​​.

Create a Record in Airtable after each new call (Zapier or Make)

Automatically capture every call detail in Airtable with Zapier and Make integrations. This feature creates a new Airtable record for each call, logging essential information like caller details and conversation summaries. Streamline your client management and ensure comprehensive data collection with minimal effort, maintaining an updated and detailed record of all interactions for easy reference and follow-up​​​​.

About Airtable

Airtable, known for its user-friendly interface, offers database software that can be customized to suit various business needs. From content calendars to product roadmaps, Airtable provides templates and tools to organize and streamline workflows.


Airtable Account

Zapier or Make Account


How to Connect and Airtable using Zapier

How to Connect and Airtable using Make

Trusted by 3,000+ businesses

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4.9 stars
5.0 stars
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Converts callers into clients is our inbound sales team. Having a trained and personable voice has transformed our ability to answer the phone and convert callers to clients.
Jeremy Treister
Owner, CMIT Solutions of Downtown Chicago

Trusted by 3,000+ businesses

5.0 stars
4.9 stars
5.0 stars
4.6 stars

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