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IT professionals expertly manage the infrastructure and technology needs of other businesses. But despite being tech-savvy, they still have to answer the phone. They use virtual receptionists to respond to new and current clients, allowing them uninterrupted time to get real work done. This is especially true in the wake of a major event that impacts times their entire client base at once. “Are you prepared for that kind of event?” That’s a question was made to answer.

Case Study:

Managed IT Services company needed help in a crisis

Sara Gepp is used to trouble-shooting problems in the virtual world: But in 2018 it was the real world that intervened in her business, which was threatened with closure by the aftermath of the Woolsey fire in Southern California. “I thought my business would close,” she admitted.

But then she found Our team stepped in and gave her the time and client support she needed to save her business. Having receptionists answer her phones and staff her live website chat let her focus on her core work while giving clients the appearance of a larger organization. That helped her credibility. She anticipated the time savings, but not that “friendly people answering the phones welcomed my clients and made them feel better when they were frustrated.” That was especially important during a major crisis.

With backing her up, Sara pulled through — and since expanded her business to multiple states. 

Our Solution: was there to answer calls and bring in new business

Friendly, North America-based receptionists on duty 24/7.
Prioritization. Receive messages via Slack, text, or live transfer.
Live transfer through our receptionists adds professionalism.
Instant summary of all calls via email or SMS.
“After the Woolsey fire I thought my business would close. But I was able to grow with chat and phone answering services.”
Sara Gepp
Close to the Earth IT Services

Close to the Earth IT Services is an Apple-certified IT service provider founded on the principle that if your infrastructure doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work at all. When Sara Gepp found that her infrastructure wasn’t working, she upgraded it with virtual receptionists and live chat. gave her the ability to serve more clients and to serve them better so that a real world disaster didn’t stop her business in the digital one. is a superior 24/7 call answering service for small businesses and individuals. Our virtual receptionists help you build better relationships with new and existing customers. We will help save you money and time, give your clients the personalized attention they deserve (don’t we all prefer to talk to a human!), and find more qualified leads (bye-bye spam calls!)

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