Save 30% for 3 Months When You Switch to!

2023-02-14 is one of the fastest-growing, most capable, and most highly acclaimed receptionist services available today.

Every week, clients switch to us from other service providers, but we know there are still many more clients who are quietly suffering inferior services, since switching takes a little extra time and effort. Among all the other priorities of a business owner's day, we know switching services often gets put on the backburner.

Today, we're offering an incentive to help you make this change now, to stop waiting for things to improve, and finally reap the benefits of an answering service that does what you need, within your budget, and aligned with your business goals.

What's the offer?

If you're currently working with another phone answering service (or live chat service), we'd like the chance to prove to you how much more our receptionists can do for you than your current provider.

For a limited time, we'll give you 30% off your bill, for 3 months, when you switch to

  • For example: If your current answering service bill is $500/month, you'll pay $350/month with us, for the same services.

Take advantage now, as this offer is only valid through December 31, 2021! Book a consultation with our expert staff to compare our services with your current provider, and see how switching to can give your business an instant lift.

What we mean by "the same services"

By "the same services" we mean that if you're currently paying for phone answering and appointment scheduling, we will match those services.

We will deliver the same services that your current service is providing, for 30% less. We're able to offer service-matching, because has the most robust list of features and services in the industry.

What else you can expect from

Along with the 30% discount, we will provide you with best-in-class service, 24/7/365.

At, you can expect:

  • Greater accuracy with your call and chat handling
  • Better lead screening so you're connecting with more qualified prospects
  • More robust integrations so our communications are synced in real-time with your business systems
  • White-glove customer service so you never have to worry about handling call forwarding, setting up phone trees, and installing live chat on your site, yourself
  • Pay-per-call pricing for predictable monthly bills (no more outrageously high bills thanks to a few chatty callers)
  • Free spam blocking so those calls (and chats) you pay for are only those that matter to your business

And those are just a few of the ways we distinguish ourselves!

How you can tell if this offer is right for you

You have a fairly simple plan with another provider, but service is lackluster or downright faulty

You might be thinking, "Everything is fine; there's no need to switch."

But "fine" isn't good enough. Switching to will not only guarantee you immediate savings, but it will also give you access to the excellent receptionist services you and your clients deserve. provides a service that is friendly, dependable, detail-oriented, accurate, and tailored to your specific needs. We are fully staffed, and ready to handle every call, sounding just like we're "in house."

Switch now — before your business grows even bigger (And before you get to the point where you're truly "fed up"). Trust us; we've seen it many times: It's more work to switch later on!

You have a fairly complex plan with another provider, but service is too expensive and/or error-prone

With, we're not the absolute "cheapest" service, because quality requires at least some investment, but we do deliver the most value for your hard-earned cash.

If you're looking for a sophisticated service, and not a low-end, offshore solution, you share our values: Every representative of your business should feel "in-house" and evoke the same brand quality that you and your staff adhere to every day in your work with clients. Then we're aligned, and we're also less expensive to boot.

Not only will we bring down the costs instantly, but we'll do more on every call, to more completely assist you and your clients.

We can:

You also get real-time, detailed call summaries by email, SMS, Slack, or Teams, and we'll even pass these summaries and contacts into your CRM, for free.

What happens at the end of the 3 months?

The deals don't end after 3 months.

We offer 10% off 12-month plans and 5% off 6-month plans to help you continue to save for the entire time you're a client of ours.

Many of our clients have been with us for years, and appreciate these long-term discounts, in addition to being able to pay upfront for services at the end of the year, for the tax benefits.

Switching to is a smart business decision

There's no setup fee or annual contract. There's never any cancellation fee, either. We offer simple pay-per-call pricing, so you can expect far more predictable bills than any pay-per-minute service.

And you can update your plan monthly, as needed, so you receive the exact services your business needs at any given time.

To learn more and get a custom, discounted quote from, book a free consultation now.

Read what one of our clients has to say about switching to

"I wish I would have known about before trying any of the other virtual receptionists in the market space. is the most cost effective and professional virtual receptionist in the market. We lost precious time and valuable leads using its competitors. Having been past users of other virtual receptionist services, we truly appreciate's exceptional customer service and professionalism. Paying per call vs. per minute equals exceptional value. "
Peter Jeffrey, The Jeffrey Law Group, PLLC

What more is there to say? is the right choice to help grow a business, keep current customers happy, and turn potential leads into clients. If that didn't convince you, have we mentioned our 14-day money-back guarantee? If you aren't happy, we will refund your plan cost up to $1,000. We are that confident in what we do. So, book a free consultation today to get started and find out why is the superior 24/7 virtual receptionist service for live calls, chats, texts, and social messages


Note: To create an accurate quote, we will need the following information. Please have these details ready for your consultation call.

  1. Your most recent bill (e.g., from last month)
  2. An export of your call or chat log (ideally, last month's data)
  3. The call or chat handling instructions being used by your service provider


Offer Details: This offer only applies to first-time Virtual Receptionist and/or Chat clients who sign up and pay by December 31, 2021, and provide a current bill, call/chat log, and call/chat instructions from a current answering and/or chat service provider. We define "first-time clients" as clients who have not yet paid for services, so if you've been using our free AI chatbot, you're welcome to take advantage of this offer. The offer only applies to the base plan that we will build to match "apples-to-apples" with the plan of your current service provider. Any features or add-ons not considered "apples-to-apples" but that extend services beyond the scope of your current provider's service to you may incur an additional charge. This offer may not be combined with any other promo codes or promotions. $25/month referral credit granted when your referral signs up for a paid plan. Must be an actively paying client to receive referral credit(s). Click here to view plans and pricing.

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Written by Maddy Martin
Maddy Martin is's SVP of Growth. Over the last 15 years, Maddy has built her expertise and reputation in small-business communications, lead conversion, email marketing, partnerships, and SEO.

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