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Bilingual The best alternative to Wow24-7 tops Wow24-7 by offering transparent pricing, flexible features, and more affordable, 24/7/365 sales outreach services.
Per contact
Per project
Starting cost
Custom quote
Set-up fee
Monthly minimum
200 contacts
700 contacts
Setup & onboarding period
1-2 days
2-6 weeks
Minimum commitment
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Long-term contract
Info unavailable
Cancellation fee
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North America-based professionals
24/7/365 live sales outreach
Spanish-speaking agents
Agents work from quiet home offices
Appointment setting
Cold calling
✔ Warm & cold outreach available
Inbound call handling
✔ From $255/mo, optional
Warm transfers
Call transfer notifications via SMS, Slack & Teams
Complex call routing
Prospecting & lead engagement
Lead screening & qualification
Complete intake & order forms
Payment collection
Answer basic FAQs
Email & SMS follow up
✘ Email only
Event sign-ups & registrations
Copywriting & script review
Custom instructions, goals, and workflows backed by AI
Sales playbooks
List submission & assignments
✔ API and CSV Upload
Info unavailable
Lead lists provided
✘ Client supplies lists
Info unavailable
Client dashboard with real-time campaign tracking
CRM, intake & marketing software integration
Zapier integration
Calendaring software integration
Online invoice & payment integration
SMS, Slack & Teams integration
Goal-oriented workflows
Call recording & transcription
Info unavailable
Local caller ID matching
Info unavailable
Open APIs
Info unavailable
Dedicated account manager
Client support channels
Phone, email, and SMS
Phone and email
Quality assurance team
Strategic staff per campaign
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Wow24-7 offers expensive customer service. offers comprehensive and affordable sales outreach in addition to customer service.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice Wow24-7’s website is full of typos, design errors, spacing issues, and broken CTAs. If they can't take care to make a quality website, what makes you think they will do quality work for another business? 

While Wow24-7 doesn’t advertise their exact pricing on their website, we do know they charge per interaction and can only assume based on their third-party online reviews that they’re quite expensive. If you’re looking for affordable sales support, think Our per-contact pricing model means your monthly costs will be based on how many contacts you’d like us to reach out to on your behalf — it’s as simple as that.

Getting more bang for your buck is where excels. Unlike Wow24-7, we don't limit the amount of agents working on your campaign. We utilize AI to enable a much larger team to maximize responsiveness beyond what a team of just 4-7 people can accomplish. You may think, “but isn’t having a small dedicated team better?” Usually that would be the case, but with’s sophisticated AI technology, our agents are empowered to deliver incredible results. 

On top of that,’s North America-based agents all work from quiet home offices (unlike Wow24-7’s agents, who often work from busy call centers in the Ukraine). Our agents don’t sound like they work in a call center because they don’t work in a call center. Our agents sound like they’re in-house. Plus, since we're fully remote, our hiring practices focus on skill, not location. You can rest assured your leads are in good hands with 

Wow24-7 is focused primarily on delivering positive customer interactions with an outsourced team, so sales support isn’t exactly their expertise., on the other hand, offers both. We provide quality campaign strategy and analysis, focusing on delivering real results for SMBs and midmarket far more efficiently and effectively.

Both Wow24-7 and have dashboards that allow you to manage campaigns digitally, but’s dashboard goes above and beyond to give you full-visibility into your campaign’s success. We capture key data on the caller, including the caller type (e.g., new lead, existing client, spam), the time of the call, the priority, and the disposition — even action taken. That way, you know exactly what happened during and after every call. And with access to detailed call summaries as well as audio recordings and searchable transcripts of every call, the proof is in the pudding. 

As far as technology is concerned, Wow24-7 fails to compare to We play well with over 5,000 CRMs, marketing platforms, calendars, billing systems, and intake forms. Furthermore, our platform connects to you via SMS, Slack, and Zapier. We even have an open API (for our more tech-savvy users). From Wow24-7’s reviews and website, they will require you to migrate to their platforms. 

On top of that, Wow24-7 doesn't advertise many of the useful features, like payment collection or call routing, that take work off your team’s plate.’s services don’t start and end with sales support. Our professionals are not only experienced in qualifying, engaging, and converting, but have the capacity to become a true extension of your office: We make outbound calls on your behalf and can be the staff who receives call-backs and inbound calls from leads and clients with our Virtual Receptionist plans. We provide comprehensive coverage so you can address all your business needs under one roof.

For higher quality outreach sales support at more affordable pricing, flexible features, robust CRM integrations, and 24/7 North America-based professionals, businesses prefer to Wow24-7.


You provide the leads, and we'll ensure they are engaged, qualified, and converted. Send us prospects, leads, clients, donors, partners, or any others who need outreach.
We're all about scheduling. We can make outreach calls according to your timing preferences. We can also book meetings with leads as part of our outreach work.
Our friendly, professional agents will handle all your calls with a smile, 24/7/365. We sound just like in-house, or even better.
Our agents work to achieve your campaign goals, whether that's setting appointments with new leads, promoting a special offer, or registering clients for an event, to name a few.
Our agents can send an email and text message after each call to boost engagement and conversion rates.
Track campaign performance to see which recipients converted, how many calls have been made, and more.

Recognized by Clutch as a top sales outsourcing provider.

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What our customers are saying

"The quality of their work is consistent. Regardless of who’s taking the call, I know they're trained well and can handle it professionally. I consistently receive high praise for from my customers and my prospects. I actually have gotten direct business because of the way they handle calls."
Rick Staton
CMIT Solutions of Upper Chesapeake – Columbia
"I’ve been with for two years. I am very happy with their services. No missed calls, they return call requests within a few hours, handle all calls professionally and are constantly checking in to see how they can improve. I love that they truly value their clients input. Highly recommend!"
Crissy Schafer
The Florida Medicaid Planning & Elder Law Firm
"I use as an extension of my team, so they serve as a communication touchpoint, handling outbound and inbound calls along with our chat feature. Working with has enabled the business to scale its efforts and size. Their ability to be flexible and reliable shows their dedication to client satisfaction and their level of client service shows how much they care."
Kimberly Bennett
K Bennett Law LLC



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