SimplePractice is a practice management software designed to help health and wellness professionals run a more efficient private practice.


Grow your practice by automating appointment booking with the SimplePractice and integration. 

Connect your SimplePractice software to a superior virtual receptionists and sales outreach service

This integration between SimplePractice and allows health and wellness teams to hand off admin tasks, such as appointment booking. Once you connect SimplePractice with, our receptionists can book appointments directly in your SimplePractice account. 

Benefits of SimplePractice +’s Appointment Scheduling

Stay booked & busy

Time is your most valuable resource and we help you use it wisely. will be able to view your availability in real-time and book appointments at times that work best for you directly on your SimplePractice calendar. can even make outbound calls to prospects to book consultations so you can continue growing your practice. Keep your schedule organized and connect with new and existing patients when you can.

Delegate appointment booking

Your team won’t need to manually input any appointments. With real-time synchronization, receptionists have visibility into your team’s availability and schedule, plus every appointment will be automatically shown on SimplePractice account. This reduces the likelihood of double booking and missed appointments.

Get insight into patient patterns

Every call and chat handles on your behalf is logged on your dashboard and CRM, but for added insight, also provides detailed call analysis and reporting so you can get to know your patients a little bit better. Discover which calls turn into booked appointments, and track the frequency and type of appointment patients book.


Scheduling Appointments with SimplePractice &

" is our inbound sales team. Having a trained and personable voice has transformed our ability to answer the phone and convert callers to clients."
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