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REI Software is a CRM for real estate investors built for optimizing lead generation and follow-up.


Keep your real estate investments growing by automating lead follow-up and conversion from your REI software to's receptionists.’s 24/7 sales agents can engage and nurture interested web leads.

Connect your REI Software to a superior sales outreach service

This integration allows real estate investors to automate sales outreach and lead engagement. Website leads who complete a form from REI Software can now receive a call back through

Benefits of REI Software +’s Outreach Campaigns

Capture leads as they come in

Leads can fill out a form while grabbing their morning coffee, grabbing lunch, before cooking dinner, or in their sleep. When they do, your business needs to be prepared to capture them. That’s where comes in. Any leads who fill out a form using your REI Software will be contacted by one of our agents. 

Delegate lead engagement

Hand off lead engagement to the experts.’s agents are highly trained in sales and customer service. We can get leads on the phone and gently guide them through your sales funnel, keeping their interest piqued all the while.

Outsource sales efforts can handle more than just the initial outreach. Our team of +50 sales-trained agents can nurture, score, intake, and book new leads added to your REI Software, using your custom cadence and instructions to treat them exactly as your in-house sales team would. We set your team up, so all they have to do is close the deal.


How to Pass REI Software Form Fills into for Outbound Calls

" is our inbound sales team. Having a trained and personable voice has transformed our ability to answer the phone and convert callers to clients."
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Jeremy Treister
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