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Outdoor brick company builds success with outsourced sales
Rodrigo Martinson

During the pandemic, when everyone was on lockdown learning how to play guitar or enjoying family time in the backyard, Rodrigo Martinson and his wife started a business. Since more families were spending time at home, they saw an opportunity to cater to homeowners’ current needs. BRICK4U — a home improvement company focused on patios, sidewalks, firepits, brick walls, and more — instantly saw a rush of business. Then, they decided to start a family of their own and had a baby while simultaneously trying to grow the company. Not an easy position to be in. 

The husband and wife team quickly came to the realization they couldn't manage all the administrative work on their own. Balancing taking care of a baby, contacting customers, making phone calls, and issuing estimates — all while performing the actual installation work —  was just too stressful. provided that much-needed relief. Through our Outreach Campaigns, agents call BRICK4U’s leads as they come in and are considering a project. In doing so, they can touch base with potential customers in a timely manner and increase the likelihood of those leads converting. 

The administrative outbound calling tasks Rodrigo and his wife previously did themselves were outsourced to — allowing for more streamlined lead management and, more importantly, more time spent with their new baby. 

Rodrigo realized was a cost-effective solution. Based on his numbers, if converted one lead per month, the service would more than pay for itself!


Gainesville, Florida
The problem
Starting a new business during economic uncertainty
Our solution
Outsourced sales outreach for faster appointment setting

At first, Rodrigo was hesitant to hire an external company to represent BRICK4U. As a small business owner, he puts a lot of weight behind the customer experience. So he wanted to find an experienced team that would make an excellent first impression with callers.

Rodrigo jumped on our Outreach Campaigns because our agents excel in reaching out to leads and having high-quality conversations. provided a professional team of agents that jumped in and acted as an extension of Rodrigo’s company —  with professionalism, friendliness, and a positive attitude. 

Rodrigo knows many competitors are out there trying to win the same clients. He needed someone who could act with his goals in mind, understand his business needs, and help create call messaging that would convince his leads to choose BRICK4U over competitors. 

Using AI-driven workflows, our agents know exactly who they are calling, what to say to move the conversation forward, and what actions to prompt them to take. As Rodrigo’s sales outreach team, they worked to encourage leads to schedule consultation appointments based on their current needs. This freed Rodrigo up to spend more time on the home upgrade projects. 

Not only that, but the calls we make seamlessly integrate into his CRM software — using a custom-built Zapier sync — which helped save even more time.  

Now, business is booming, allowing Rodrigo and his wife to spend more time with their baby and have the peace of mind that leads are being engaged quickly and professionally and potential customers are conveniently having appointments scheduled in real-time with members of their sales team.

It’s a great partnership fit between BRICK4U and as they work together to close more deals. Based on Rodrigo’s average value of a new customer, only one extra lead produced by the solution paid for the entirety of the campaign. He’s fully satisfied with the amount of additional customers we’ve been able to produce for him and his wife.

“[As a business owner], you should focus on the things that are going to make you the most money. So if you have a service that can step into your daily operations and free up time, I definitely recommend you do that.”

Based in Gainesville, Florida, BRICK4U is an outdoor brick design company specializing in patios, decks, walkways, and firepits. It’s a husband and wife duo that started the business during the pandemic and needed a solution to call their leads and schedule appointments while they took a step back to raise their newborn. 

They knew the importance of reaching out to leads in a timely manner due to the competitive nature of the business landscape. met their needs and went above and beyond to provide a professional solution to help them grow.

Rodrigo knows you should focus on the job you do best, in his case, brick design, and let the experts call on and convert leads. That is exactly why he hired and never regretted his decision. We’ve been able to adapt to BRICK4U’s needs and grow alongside them. is a superior 24/7 customer engagement service for small businesses. Our North American-based agents are skilled at having high-quality sales conversations. We reach, engage, and convert leads through outreach campaigns to create more sales opportunities.

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