LiveCall gives you all of the tools to level-up call performance with call tracking and callback software.
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Connect your LiveCall callback widget to a superior outreach service

Keep your business operations running smoothly by integrating and LiveCall. By connecting and LiveCall, you can automate outreach to promptly connect with and qualify website leads. Leads who complete your LiveCall request form will receive a call back from a virtual receptionist.

Using’s 24/7 virtual receptionists, your business can be available when your customers need it, no matter the time or day. As a result, unlock the power to expand your business without expanding your workforce. 

Benefits of LiveCall + Virtual Receptionists

With this integration, you can:

  • Automate sales outreach
  • Track lead sources
  • Reduce lead response time
  • Improve sales team efficiency

Automate sales outreach

When a new lead reaches out, the clock starts ticking. Wait just 5 minutes and your chances of connecting with a new potential client drop by 80%. That’s where having 24/7 virtual receptionists prove valuable by quickly following up with leads who complete your LiveCall forms.

Track lead sources

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by easily tracking the sources of your leads completing your LiveCall forms. With this integration, your business can easily evaluate where you should allocate your marketing resources.    

Reduce lead response time 

Who enjoys waiting? Reduce the time your potential customer has to hear from you after completing your form by outsourcing your sales outreach to’s 24/7 bilingual receptionists.   

About LiveCall

LiveCall gives you the tools to level up call performance with call tracking and callback software. 

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Converts callers into clients is our inbound sales team. Having a trained and personable voice has transformed our ability to answer the phone and convert callers to clients.
Jeremy Treister
Owner, CMIT Solutions of Downtown Chicago

Trusted by 3,000+ businesses

5.0 stars
4.9 stars
5.0 stars
4.6 stars

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