The need for speed in a seller's market

Finding after trialing many virtual assistants
Cameron Miller
GSP Homes

Real estate is a highly competitive industry, and being available 24/7 is crucial when dealing with homebuyers' busy — and sometimes irregular — schedules. Plus, in a seller’s market, being the first offer on the table could be the difference between a sold deal and back to househunting. For Cameron Miller, Founder of GSP Homes, customer service is the cornerstone of his business. When homebuyers plan to make a significant investment, sometimes lasting as long as 30 years, they want access to knowledgeable agents that make them feel at ease. That's why Cameron knew he needed the perfect customer engagement solution to support his team of agents and free them up to focus more closely on sales and the home buying experience.

GSP Homes

Nicholasville, Kentucky
The problem
Too many missed calls and lost sales opportunities for real estate agents
Our solution
Outsourced virtual receptionists immediately handle, qualify, and schedule new leads

Cameron Miller knew his real estate agents couldn’t handle new leads efficiently. There was just no way to provide around-the-clock coverage while also making time for selling homes. 

That’s when he started testing out a variety of virtual assistant services. The problem — none of them worked. Cameron wasn’t happy with the quality of the calls and the effect it had on his brand’s reputation. 

After thoroughly researching higher-quality options online, he came across He already knew how to plug and play an outsourced solution into his firm’s business, so he tested to see whether our virtual receptionists were up to snuff to handle his marketing-driven inbound calls.

We not only met his needs — but knocked it out of the park. 

Our receptionists screened and qualified leads using GSP Home’s custom instructions. When a lead was qualified, we used their Calendly integration (and later SavvyCal) to schedule appointments directly on his agents' calendars. 

We’re in an age where convenience has a lot to do with whether a business relationship goes well or not. is a solution that can boost revenue, save costs, and help your business fill gaps you didn’t even realize you had.

Cameron was impressed. In a high-ticket industry like real estate, any missed call could have a deep impact on a firm’s bottom line. That’s why he asked us to play an even bigger role in his operations. 

“That’s my biggest regret when it comes to online marketing,” he continued. “We [initially] didn’t have a system in place to call hand-raising customers.”

He worked with our team to improve speed to lead for online marketing leads. Our virtual receptionists would immediately call back on website form fills. Using a custom-built integration with Make, anytime an interested seller or buyer completes an online form, a receptionist makes an outbound call to qualify the prospect and schedule a consultation with an agent. 

Cameron immediately saw the effects. 

“ was handling each new case better and better,” he stated. “It’s like appointments were being booked out of thin air.” 

The outsourced solution through patched a major cog in his wheel — allowing him to more confidently spend money on marketing  — knowing that leads would be received, handled, and booked with speed and accuracy. 

Cameron initially thought he had to sacrifice quality with outsourcing. But was happy that quality exceeded his expectations and results came with it — freeing his sales agents up to focus less on admin work and more on selling homes. 

Overall, he’s extremely pleased is making such a difference in his real estate business.

GSP Homes
is a Kentucky-based real estate brokerage firm offering solutions for buyers, sellers, and renters. Their home-selling success is directly tied to their talented team. Although their agents come from many different backgrounds, they have each been thoughtfully selected to help families at every stage throughout their lives. Now, with handling inbound phone calls and making callbacks on website leads, Cameron has time to concentrate more on expanding GSP Homes and supporting both his agents and customers. is a superior 24/7 customer engagement solution. Our North America-based agents — backed by our powerful AI — are skilled at having high-quality conversations with current and potential customers. We engage and convert leads through inbound and outbound calling to create more sales opportunities for clients.

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