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Right Law Group Uses Chat to Automate Capturing Web Leads

Attorneys starting their own law firm undergo many new experiences, expenses, and face high pressure and expectations to immediately bring in new business.’s Live Chat service, backed by AI technology, helps newly established firms jumpstart growth as chat agents deliver the experience of “in-house” staff responding to and nurturing leads and clients while lawyers focus on billable work. This is true for both solo practitioners and new firms that have already hired “in-house” staff to handle some of these responsibilities.’s North American-based chat agents are on-duty 24/7 helping accelerate firm revenue growth with prompt responsiveness to frequently asked questions from leads and clients, capturing new leads and potential client information, and gathering critical details through client intake forms.

Case Study:

Positioning A New Law Firm To Win Clients

Alexis Austin was in a bind commonly felt by many lawyers starting their new firms. She was launching her new practice, Right Law Group, from the ground up and wanted to position herself for immediate revenue growth. 

The road to success is paved with challenges and Alexis had to quickly build her new client base from scratch, all while learning how to be her own CEO. Despite all of her past professional successes before launching her own firm, Alexis understood that she’d be unable to grow her business quickly all on her own and time was of the essence. 

She chose to fully embrace technology by implementing’s Live Chat service in August 2019. With chat fully implemented,’s live chat agents interact directly with potential clients via Right Law Group’s website, Facebook page, and SMS while Alexis focuses on revenue-producing work.  

Since August 2019, the process of acquiring clients for the Right Law Group is now 95% automated from the lead’s first contact on her website to securing an in-person meeting with the potential client, thanks to Live Chat. Alexis is now able to engage new leads without any direct involvement, allowing her to remain focused on billable client work that supports her growing business.

Our Solution:

Use Live Chat To Quickly Secure New Clients

Live chat agents on duty 24/7
Real-time lead qualification & intake with CRM integration for complete workflows
Instant chat transcripts via email. Contacts and chat conversations logged in your CRM.
“A solo lawyer can thrive by embracing technology. We say we’re open 24 hours and, functionally, we are.”
Alexis Austin
Right Law Group

The Right Law Group is a law firm specializing in criminal defense and was launched in June 2018 by CEO and Managing Partner Alexis Austin. Alexis has never been shy when it comes to putting in the hours required for success. She put herself through law school, worked pro bono for low-income clients, and prosecuted domestic abuse, all of which are not for the faint of heart. But, Alexis also understands that she is only one person and needed help to ensure that her new firm would succeed quickly. She turned to’s virtual receptionist and live chat services to help with increasing her firm’s availability. With’s help, she is able to provide quick responses to new potential client inquiries, and then capture and convert the well-qualified leads into clients. As she notes, “It isn’t too early. It’s time to jump into chat now. You’ll wish you were here two years ago.”’s Live Chat solution combines AI-enabled chatbot technology with live agents who are on-duty 24/7 to help businesses with inbound sales and support inquiries. Lead capture and client triage are handled via website chat, Facebook Messenger, and SMS text. Features including fully customized lead qualification and intake, CRM integration (native or Zapier), real-time English-Spanish translation, programmable “Q&A” database for instant responses to common questions, chat funnel metrics, and appointment scheduling with calendar integrations.’s Live Chat features revolve around helping businesses boost online marketing results and lead conversion, and deliver exceptional service to clients.

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