Increasing customer activations through faster speed-to-lead

Subscription-based SaaS company relies on speedy outreach
Annie Fitzgerald

For real business success, it’s important to build long-term trust with customers. That’s especially true for companies that rely on subscription-based billing models, such as software-as-a-service (SaaS). One way to do this is through 24/7 availability and proactively engaging with customers to better meet their needs. Customers love hearing a friendly voice and knowing they matter.’s Outreach Campaigns is a cost-effective automated solution for companies needing professionally sales-trained agents to make outbound calls on their behalf — whether to existing or potential new clients. This could be used to confirm registration statuses or answer basic questions to help move prospects further along in the sales process. It’s an efficient sales solution that can make a big difference in the number of opportunities generated and, ultimately, closed.

Annie Fitzgerald, Manager of Customer Support and Onboarding at Promoboxx, understands the value of human-to-human contact and the impact it has on business. 

After Promoboxx sells its digital marketing platform to multi-site retailers, it’s Annie’s team's responsibility to onboard clients and encourage product adoption among the local, independent stores. This includes collecting or confirming contact details, setting up accounts, and training reps at individual locations on how to use the platform to access brand-approved content for their digital channels and local advertising. 


Boston, Massachusetts
The problem
New customer activation rates were low
Our solution
Automated outreach to improve new customer adoption rates

Prior to using’s Outreach Campaigns, Promoboxx’s customer support team primarily communicated with customers via email. The four-person support team would also manually call customers, but the number of calls required to achieve their business goals was not scalable.

Annie sought a solution to help improve adoption rates and scale — without sacrificing the personal connections she and her team built with customers. That’s where’s Outreach Campaigns come in.

With Outreach Campaigns, Promoboxx’s outbound call capabilities immediately expanded, allowing them to use’s agents in various ways for the betterment of their business.

The primary use case is reaching out to retailers who take longer than expected to sign up. reaches out to these stores, collects and confirms customer data to ensure Promoboxx is sending the right info, and asks if they need support to sign up. Promoboxx also uses the text and email follow-up service for added touchpoints. 

Since integrating’s Outreach Campaigns into their business operations, customer adoption has increased!

“I would recommend’s Outreach Campaigns to other businesses similar to mine, especially if you have any call outreach needs for your business. It’s a lot easier, more scalable, and more affordable to have that outsourced to”

Promoboxx is a Boston-based digital marketing platform for companies to engage their independent retailers with brand-compliant assets to drive better business outcomes. Their team helps retailers with local marketing campaigns, digital advertising, and reporting and tracking. To help keep up with demand, they integrated’s Outreach Campaigns into their business operations. Using Outreach Campaigns, Promoboxx uses's agents to make outbound calls to their clients — leading to higher platform adoption rates. is a superior 24/7 customer engagement solution for businesses and individuals. Our North American-based business development representatives are skilled at having high-quality sales conversations with end users. We reach, engage, and convert your leads through outbound calling to create more sales opportunities.

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