Building a sales strategy in a niche market

Automated outreach campaigns build brand visibility
Jen Jarvis
Jen Jarvis Associates

When you’re in a unique industry, it can be difficult to find and hire high-performing sales reps. That’s even harder when business is healthy and there’s a constant demand to grow the sales team. Technical knowledge is hard to come by, not to mention, there’s real salesmanship needed to sell specialized products in a niche field. 

the position Jen Jarvis, Owner of Jen Jarvis Associates, found herself in. As the consultancy agency for VH Hydroponics, she worked with her client to explore sales-related staffing opportunities that could more easily scale alongside the growing business. 

Jen was referred to by a peer in her network. What she learned was that’s Outreach Campaigns could be an extremely cost-effective (and automated) solution for companies needing professionally trained outside sales agents. 

Jen worked with to set up an Outreach Campaign specific for VH Hydroponics, a full-service food production and livestock fodder verticalhydroponic manufacturer. With the adoption of outsourced sales support, her client quickly saw gains in their operational efficiency.

Jen Jarvis Associates

Anchorage, Alaska
The problem
Food production business lacking sales follow-ups to customers
Our solution
Sales-trained agents actively pitch high-value products

Jen (on behalf of VH Hydroponics) initially started working with’s 24/7 Virtual Receptionists to handle inbound calls. Her experience was positive as she saw her client’s leadership team freed up with more time while their calls converted more efficiently. 

Naturally, when VH Hydroponics executed a new marketing campaign that required outbound follow-up calls, Jen knew would be the right partner for the job! 

Jen loved that — on the Virtual Receptionist side — calls were handled with care while also being backed by data within her client dashboard, along with integrating directly into Pipedrive CRM. She was looking for that same type of data-driven confidence. 

The Outreach Campaign she helped orchestrate for VH Hydroponic focused on calling pre-gathered leads while pitching them on a high-value, high-dollar product. The client’s farming buyers were unfamiliar with the offering and this would be the first chance for them to hear and learn about how it could positively impact their agricultural businesses.

“’s ability to be compassionate and empathetic with our customer base is also reflected in how they deal with us.”

Jen worked with the team to develop an outbound strategy consisting of custom call messaging along with the right cadence for both calls and follow-up emails. The former helped educate leads on the offering, while the latter worked to schedule appointments with in-house team members to learn more.

Jen applauded the success of the campaign — emphasizing its ability to generate awareness among a new audience of buyers — while providing instant and direct feedback to the VH Hydroponics leadership team on how they should tweak their offering and messaging to sell more effectively in the future. 

Jen Jarvis Associates is an Alaska-based business management and operations consulting business. Simply put, Jen helps businesses get things done! She worked with on behalf of her client, VH Hydroponics — helping them build their business infrastructure, enhance their sales staff, and grow their bottom line. Impressed by their experience with’s 24/7 Virtual Receptionists, together they added Outreach Campaigns to help sell specialized products among niche, B2B agricultural buyers.’s agents made outbound sales calls to spark interest and qualify leads before moving them into the sales funnel. is a superior 24/7 customer engagement solution. Our North America-based business development representatives are skilled at having high-quality sales conversations. We reach, engage, and convert leads through outbound calling to create more sales opportunities.

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