Converting new marketing leads to scheduled appointments

Efficient appointment booking with qualified leads
Kimmy Davis
Alloy Wealth Management

Television and radio are effective marketing channels for businesses to reach a large number of clients quickly. And for small businesses, local media coverage is far more valuable and impactful to their growth than national.  

Local media can showcase how small businesses work to serve their respective communities. With this message is the expectation you’ll always be available to answer their call. And, sometimes, that convenience for your potential new client could be during non-business hours, especially when your television and radio ads are broadcasted outside regular business hours and have a specific call-to-action with a phone number for them to dial. If you’re asking people to call your business, you should have a real human always available to answer! 

Wanting to ensure no call from a potential new client who saw or heard their show goes unanswered, Alloy Wealth Management started using’s 24/7 Virtual Receptionists to provide around-the-clock call answering, especially during non-traditional business hours.’s receptionists screen qualify, and schedule appointments for new marketing-qualified leads that boost the firm’s growth.

Alloy Wealth Management

Charlotte, North Carolina
The problem
A need for appointment scheduling after-hours callers
Our solution
24/7 live receptionists screening and scheduling potential new clients

Alloy Wealth Management is a financial services firm focused on helping clients with their insurance and retirement planning needs.

The firm’s Founder and CEO, Mark Henry,  hosts a weekend television and radio show where he talks about helping people prepare for retirement and comprehensive financial planning. During the show, listeners are encouraged to call and schedule appointments to further discuss their financial planning needs. Alloy started using’s 24/7 Virtual Receptionists on the weekends to provide additional support to handle the increase in call volume without overburdening their current staff.’s receptionists add a level of efficiency to the firm. handles inbound caller 24/7, provide detailed call summaries of each conversation that syncs in real-time with their Wealthbox CRM, schedules appointments with qualified leads, and more.  

With as a partner, Alloy Wealth Management can produce more shows, and at odd times of the day without fear of missing a prospect call along with returning calls if a caller drops or for any other reason. 

Alloy now sees 60% of their callers scheduled for appointments on their calendar thanks to!

“We have been utilizing for 1.5 years after trying 4 other answering services and are very satisfied with! From onboarding as a new client to weekly account check-ins with customer service, is a breeze to work with!” wasn’t the first answering service Alloy has used but it’s been its most successful growing their business as they previously tried 4 different answering services with little satisfaction. One key differentiator was their preference of being billed per -call rather than per -minute. In addition to predictable billing,’s call dashboard and features stand out to the firm. Kimmy and her team are able to listen to recorded calls, review call transcripts for relevant client information, block unwanted callers like spammers, forward VIP callers directly to employees, and much more —– all directly from their dashboard! 

Alloy Wealth Management is a wealth management firm serving the Carolinas, focusing on needs and values in insurance and retirement planning. The firm is committed to helping pre-retirees and retirees navigate through complicated future planning decisions. For the firm and clients, this means having a service that’s professional and compassionate when dealing with sensitive personal financial information. is a superior 24/7 customer engagement solution. Our North America-based agents — backed by our powerful AI — are skilled at having high-quality conversations. We will help save you money and time, give your clients the personalized attention they deserve, and capture more qualified leads in the process!

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