A WordPress contact form plugin that allows users to create contact forms.


Combine the power of Smith.ai's sales outreach and SDR support with WPForms, aWordPress contact form plugin.

To easily gather necessary details from potential web leads, set up WPForms on your WordPress website and link it with Smith.ai.When a form is filled out, our team will immediately reach out to the lead to start the qualification, engagement, and conversion process.

Connect your WPForms to a superior sales outreach service

By integrating WPForms and Smith.ai enables any lead that fills out a form on your site to receive an prompt outbound call from one of Smith.ai’s professional agents. Using AI-driven workflows to generate the right messaging & cadence, Smith.ai helps you maximize your outreach capabilities and reach the highest conversion rates.

Benefits of WPForms + Outreach Campaigns

Increased Speed-to-Lead

If you want to increase your chances of converting website visitors into paying customers, you need to act fast. When someone fills out a contact form on your site, it's a clear signal that they're interested in buying. However, the longer you wait to follow up with them, the lower the chances of converting them into a paying customer. To avoid missing out on potential revenue, you can integrate WPForms with Smith.ai. As soon as a contact form is submitted on your website, one of Smith.ai’s agents will immediately reach out, helping you nurture, engage, and convert your lead before your competitors even had the chance to find them.

Streamlined Sales Process

No need to wait for a sales team to clock in — guide leads through your sales funnel faster and more efficiently with Smith.ai. Our professional agents, based in North America, are available round-the-clock to engage, qualify, and convert your web leads as soon as they fill out a form. Whether it's 2pm or 2am, our agents use custom AI workflows to deliver personalized messages at the right time. With 24/7 lead engagement and conversion, and appointment booking, you can transform contact forms into revenue for your business. 

About WPForms

WPForms is a WordPress contact form plugin that allows users to create contact forms with a drag-and-drop online form builder, contact forms templates, and more.


Initiate an Outbound Call from Smith.ai when a New WPForm is Submitted using Zapier

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