VoIP phone services and communication solutions customizable for any size business.

You can forward your calls from Ooma to Smith.ai to combine accessible VoIP services with professional call answering 24/7. Smith.ai offers professional receptionists — set your Ooma account to forward all your business calls to us as a front line for your leads and clients. Or create custom call answering rules to forward overflow calls when you're already on the line, after-hours and weekends only, and when you're on vacation or your lunch break.

How do you forward your calls with Ooma? Dial *72 on your business line and then enter the number you're forwarding to when prompted (your Smith.ai number). Dial # to save. This quick update allows for last-minute changes if, let's say, you need to quickly meet a client. It's easy to have all your calls answered live, 24/7, when you use Ooma in tandem with Smith.ai.