Coupon Codes, Discounts, and Promo Codes

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What? There’s nothing there? I’m angry on the internet now!

Ok, so, here’s the deal:

  • has cross-promotional promo codes with some of our partners. They love us, we love them, and we each refer our customers to each-other.
  • You can use these promo codes if you use the services of those partners
  • You can't use these promo codes if you don't (see our Terms & Conditions)
  • We'll invalidate and charge back improperly used promo codes when we see them show up on coupon sites

We appreciate and respect trying to cut costs. It’s a good business practice. So, here’s what’s available to you:

  1. You'll get $25 off your monthly recurring plan for every paying customer you refer to us. This is by far the best way to save money.
  2. If you're a member of a trade organization (e.g., your state or local bar association, a private facebook group for your industry) please connect us with the organizer and we'll happily provide a promo code for them. Then you can use it! Everyone wins.
  3. If your business has been impacted by the California wildfires or other natural disasters, we offer special pricing to help make life easier while your business recovers. This includes significant discounts on the per-call base rate as well as discounted add-ons. Please contact us for more information.
  4. Check out our many integrations — if you use one of them, there's a good chance we have a cross-promotional agreement with them. And if not, please let us know so we can get one going.