Per month
20 receptionist Calls
1 transfer destination
$4/call over 20
Per-call pricing
Easier to calculate monthly costs
Spam Blocking
No charge for robocalls, wrong numbers, or unwanted sales calls
No contracts or setup fees
AND IT’S STILL JUST $4/call after 20. Custom pricing is available. Just let us know.

The Essential Plan is no longer available. Explore our Virtual Receptionist and Outreach Campaign plans!

  • North America-based receptionists answer calls 24/7
  • Personalized greetings, warm & cold transfers, messages, and custom FAQ
  • Forward all calls, after-hours calls, new leads, existing clients, or overflow
  • Spam, unwanted sales, and wrong-number calls blocked for free
  • Instant call notes sent via email & SMS. Daily call summary via email.
  • Calls logged in online dashboard for tracking and follow-up
What our customers are saying

“I rely on Smith.ai to handle all of my firm's calls. Their intake process integrates with my practice management software, which saves me time. Plus, their professionalism means I pay a fraction of the cost of an in-house receptionist without sacrificing quality. I recommend Smith.ai to every attorney I see.”

Regina Edwards
Edwards Family Law

“Having someone professionally answer our phones is essential to operating a business. We engaged with Smith about 3 months ago and have been extremely pleased with the service they are providing us. They are very flexible and their integration with technology has functionally made a huge difference for us. I receive a SMS message and an email within seconds of a call with all pertinent information regarding the call. They ensure critical calls make it through to me and sales calls are screened. This makes my day much more productive and we get a professional service answering the phones.”

"Smith.ai has been a major hack into improving my business flow. Playing phone tag with potential clients and constantly getting interrupted with sales calls was so tiresome. Smith.ai has completely alleviated this problem. They screen all calls that come into my main office number so only critical calls get through to me, and they schedule appointments with potential clients after having carefully screened them through my intake process. I now save so much time and only have quality appointments booked. Less stress, more appointments. It's a total win!"

“Having real, live people answering the phone has made a huge difference in the volume of my practice, and I'm all about Smith.ai's technology-driven approach. I can focus on my clients without interruptions from sales calls and spammers, yet I remain in the loop when I'm in court or a meeting thanks to their text summaries. I love that Smith.ai manages my web chats now, too! They're one of the key reasons I was able to grow from a solopreneur to an 8 person team!

Justie Nicol
Nicol Law Offices

“Smith.ai has been integral to my business at CMIT Solutions of Morristown. Their service was extremely easy to set up and they have been extremely professional with their customer care. Having a live-answer service handle all my incoming calls gives my business a level of professionalism that it was missing and allows me to easily prioritize all of my call-backs. I highly recommend Smith.ai to any business looking for a live-answer service.”

"As small business owners, it is very important to have a professional image with a quick response to our phone calls. We are at ease knowing that our clients are being greeted with a professional, friendly and upbeat voice when they call our office. The message taking is very clear, concise and effective, and allows our contact with our clients to be frictionless, effective and progressive. The service quality and superior communication skills of the Smith.ai team makes them a true extension of our office."

Call Add-ons priced per call, per month
CRM Integration

All call details and notes are instantly sent to your CRM. We support Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, Clio, HubSpot, and more.

Accept collect calls

We'll accept (and pay) the charges for any incoming collect call for you. Attorneys who work with inmates often require this add-on.



Book a Free Consultation

Learn how Smith.ai can help your business. We’ll address your questions about our receptionist, chat, and campaign services.

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Calls answered 24/7

Live receptionists available to answer calls 24/7. Route calls to us all the time or certain hours only.

Customized greetings

Your virtual receptionists will greet clients using a personalized greeting specified by you.

Warm & cold transfers

Your receptionists can introduce calls to you and check your availability, or they can transfer calls to you directly.

Detailed messages

Your receptionists take a detailed message from callers you don't want transferred to you.

Call notifications via text message

We can instantly text you contact's name, phone number, and email (if collected) after every call.

Call notes via email

We'll send you an instant email with caller contact information and call notes (including message or transfer).

Daily call summary via email

At 6:30 p.m. PT, you’ll receive a daily email summarizing each call you received on that day.

Set availability via SMS

Easily text us your status. Just type “away for 1d” or “voicemail” to tell us how to handle your incoming calls.

Voicemail services

Upload a personal voicemail greeting for after-hours calls. We'll immediately text and email you voicemail recordings.

Direct transfer & block lists

Upload lists of numbers for us to directly transfer to you or block completely. You won't be charged for these calls.

Outbound calls

Receptionists can make outbound calls on behalf of your business — one time or on a recurring basis.

International service

We can transfer calls and send call summaries anywhere in the world (within our available hours).

Spanish-speaking receptionists

Many of our receptionists speak Spanish. We will call back your callers who prefer Spanish at no extra charge.


    See which SMITH.AI receptionist service is right for your business
    SMS, email, CRM
    Up to 20
    starter, basic, pro plans
    Spam/sales blocking
    Starting price
    From $240/month
    Essential plan
    Lead qualification
    Take messages
    Warm & cold transfers
    Accept payments
    CRM integration
    Instant notifications
    Outbound calls
    Call tracking dashboard
    Transfer lines
    SMS, email
    Direct transfer & block lists
    Email/chat support
    Phone support