Your Receptionist Should be Virtual

You’ve likely been in business long enough to know when you need help.  Experience has proven there simply isn’t any way to answer all of your calls and get any work done — it can be a struggle to grow your business when you’re fielding all aspects of the work. It is time for a receptionist — someone that can handle the calls while making sure you hear about the important ones. But can you afford to hire help?

Many small businesses lack receptionists because they are expensive. The average receptionist salary starts around $25,000 but often pushes upwards of $50,000.  And that doesn’t include the other employment costs you’d have to pay — benefits, vacation time, etc.  With the average small business in the US taking in barely over that amount in revenue per year, that is too much overhead. While the majority of these businesses would benefit from a receptionist, it is easy to see why a large number of them can’t afford them.

There is a Solution

A receptionist located outside of your office could save you thousands of dollars. Today’s technology lets receptionists work from anywhere while giving the impression that they are in your office.  Using the best in technology, a virtual receptionist can solve real business problems and focus on your clients – something we are passionate about at

The benefits of a virtual receptionist service

  • Pay for what you need. has simple to use pay-per-call plans

  • Have pros answer your phone. hires only the best

  • Transcribed calls. You now have a record of every call.

Plus, with you have the added benefit of call screening and prioritization.

Real Receptionists. Real Customers

While entrusting your receptionist work to an answering service company like will save you money (as compared to hiring an in-house receptionist), you won’t have to sacrifice quality.

When used effectively, technology can once again help deliver superior results. technology stands alone in its ability to screen and prioritize calls so you don’t have to. So now, your already professional receptionist can clear out those spam and sales calls that you were politely avoiding – leaving room for your customers.

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Your receptionist’s job is to hold and filter your calls so that you can get work done.  The fact is, in an ever- increasing age of searchable phone numbers, auto-dialers, and well-meaning telephone solicitations, you cannot afford to answer the phone every time. These types of interruptions can extend your workday by up to 60%, plus you’re twice as likely to make mistakes. A virtual receptionist, on the other hand, is looking forward to taking that call for you; and if empowered by they’ll do more than simply answer the call.

Starting at just $50/month you could be one step closer to experiencing the nirvana of productivity.

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