Forwarding Your Current Google Voice Number to is able to easily integrate with many existing VoIP solutions. Follow the instructions below to begin forwarding your existing Google Voice number to your new Smith virtual receptionists.

1. From your Google Voice dashboard, select Settings from the popout menu on the left

Forwarding instructions for Google Voice

2. Under “Linked numbers” click New linked number, and enter your provided number

3. When the dialog box appears, click SEND CODE

4. You will then enter the 6-digit code and click VERIFY

5.  Click FINISH. Now, anyone who calls your Google Voice number will be forwarded to one of your friendly, live virtual receptionists instead! understands that you have existing solutions in place. Enhancing your phone set up is just one way to evolve and fortify your professional image, while improving your workflow.

If you have additional questions, or are having issues with the forwarding process, please feel free to reach out to