Reasonable Use Policy

Last Updated: April 12, 2018 maintains a commitment to easy, predictable billing through per-call, not per-minute, pricing. To meet this goal, we require that all calls fall within the scope of Reasonable Use for an answering service, as defined below. Calls that do not fall within this scope may incur additional fees to cover time and effort.

We define Reasonable Use, for answering inbound and placing outbound calls, as follows: All necessary and required information, but no more, is gathered on behalf of the business during the call.

We understand each business is unique. In general, Reasonable Use means all contact information pertinent to the call and the nature of the call (what the call is about). In addition, we consider booking appointments within the scope of Reasonable Use.

Furthermore, offers Simple Intake as a courtesy, where additional information is collected from the client during the call, through constrained, closed-ended questions (e.g., not “tell me your life story”) that take no longer than 60 additional seconds, in total.

Outside Reasonable Use, offers additional services for an additional fee: Custom Intake, Custom Calendaring, and Payment.

Custom Intake

Custom Intake is defined as questioning (verbal or data entry), post-qualification, that prepares the qualified client for action or service from the business. Examples of this include family information for wills and trusts, network setup for IT, or project scope for marketing. Working with external ticketing systems (e.g., filing a ticket in ZenDesk) constitutes Custom Intake. distinguishes these calls from typical calls as the lead is already qualified, and at this point our team is doing virtual assistant work on behalf of the business. As we mentioned before, each business is unique. Therefore, we reserve the right to redefine what constitutes Custom Intake at any time, which is often influenced by total call time.

Custom Calendaring

Standard calendaring and appointment scheduling services include booking appointments for no more than the number of transfer numbers being paid per month, per plan. For example, if there are two transfer numbers on the plan, then we book appointments for those two people. Calendaring requires use of availability slot software such as (or any publicly accessible booking link such as those provided by most major CRMs and calendaring software companies). Custom Calendaring applies when the rules around calendaring and scheduling are dependent on custom criteria, such as checking one person’s availability before checking another. We will make our best effort to simplify your calendaring requirements (for the sake of your callers) and only escalate to Custom Calendaring when the requirements are complex.


Payment is defined as follows: will act on a business’ behalf to accept payment instrument information from a caller during the course of a call to input into a third-party interface provided by the business. Examples of this include appointment software that requires payment, or law firm invoice payment pages. does not and will not store customer payment information on its own systems, nor will we document the payment information in a call summary.

It is important to note that appointment booking can also constitute the need for Custom Intake or Payment add-on charges. Some appointment forms require a booking fee. Some forms require detailed information about the client such as family history, or the completion of other intake questions or forms. In these cases, we consider such appointments outside the scope of Reasonable Use and apply additional fees.


Some calls are beyond the scope of’s services and therefore beyond the scope of our Reasonable Use policy. These include product specialization (e.g., technical support requiring training) and telemarketing, and are not available for any additional fees.

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