Receptionist Pricing

Start your new Smith account today, with a, FREE 30-day/10-call trial covering 9am-9pm EST. You can even keep your number if Smith’s receptionist services aren’t right for you.

Available 6AM – 6PM PST / 9AM – 9PM EST Monday – Friday


$60 per

10receptionist calls

1live transfer phone number

$6/call after 10


$150 per

30receptionist calls

2live transfer phone numbers

$5/call after 30


$450 per

100receptionist calls

5live transfer phone numbers

$4.50/call after 100

Add-ons (Per call/month)

  • CRM integration. All call details and notes are sent to your CRM.

    We support Agile CRM, Active Campaign, CapsuleCRM, Clio, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Lexicata, Practice Panther, Pipedrive, Rocket Matter, and more.

  • SMS/Slack notifications. Receive a SMS/Slack message when a caller qualifies for a transfer.

    You and your staff can accept or reject calls.

  • Book appointments. By scheduling meetings with leads and clients, we complete the workflow.

    Other services take a message, leaving the follow-up work for you.

  • Accept payments. From consultation deposits to past-due collections, we make sure you get paid.

    We support LawPay, TrialPay, CPACharge, Square, PayPal, and more.

  • Complex call routing. Set unique rules for each number, time of day, and extension.

    Route calls based on schedules, availability, and holiday hours. Ring your team sequentially or “blast” everyone.

You set your hours. Our pricing is based on call volume.

We charge per-call, not per-minute

Other companies charge for this nonsense (We don’t):
wrong numbers
spam and robocalls
unwanted sales/solicitation

And you'll never get charged extra for these either:
outbound calls (same $ as inbound)
upgrades, downgrades, or cancellation

If the plans above don’t cover your needs, we can build a custom plan just for you.

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How do we compare?

Smith CallRuby Gabbyville (The Rest)
Free trial 30-day 21-day 21-day Varies
Cost $6/call $8.07 per call* $6.87 per call* Varies
Pricing Per call Per ½ min. Per second Varies
Setup/Usage fee No No $99 Common
Spam calls Free $1.28 per ½ min. Free Yes
Wrong numbers Free $1.28 per ½ min. Free Yes
Appointment Booking Yes Yes Yes Varies

*assuming Starter plan, average call time is 3 minutes

Questions? Answers!

How does a free trial work?

You sign up, we onboard you, generate a phone number, and assign you a receptionist. No payment involved. At the end of that 30 days, or 10 calls — whichever comes first — you have the option to continue, and can enter your payment info on the website. If not, the number will be automatically disabled after a grace period of one month.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Smith is a pay-as-you-go service. This means there aren’t any long term contracts. You pay for the receptionist service each month. If you ever cancel, we bill for and through the end of the current monthly billing cycle, and then you’re done. And we will miss you.

I have staff. Will they each need separate accounts?

Nope! Smith is a great service as a virtual front desk for small businesses with multiple employees. For individual routing (such as real estate agents in a firm or IT consultants in the field), we offer up to two routing numbers in the Basic plan, five in the Pro plan, and additional transfer lines for $15/month.

Can I change my plan?

Yes, at any time. We make it easy. If you’re on the trial, the plan starts after your trial ends and billing starts for the next month. If you would like to change your plan, just email

What corners did you cut?

Inefficiency. Nobody needs that corner anyway. We deliver a consistently high quality of service (equal across all plans) using technology to compensate and make up for the inefficiencies in comparable services. We work smarter.

How is this worth it?

Even our most expensive plan, the pro plan, is about $40,000 less than the yearly salary of an in-house receptionist, and we still have capabilities they likely don’t. But if you’re not considering a receptionist, you might not have considered the real cost of all your daily interruptions. Give us a try and find out.

Why do you bill by the call?

Versus by minute? Billing per client call saves you money, and there’s no mystery accounting involved. You’re trusting us to represent you. You wouldn’t rush a client off the phone and we don’t either.

Do you count wrong numbers or spam towards my quota?

No, as long as the lines you forward to us pass Caller ID, you won’t be charged for spam or unsolicited sales calls.

What if I don't need 6am–6pm?

No problem. Just tell us what hours you want us to answer, and calls outside those hours can go to a number you choose, or to voicemail. Or, if you're using something fancy like RingCentral, you can set up your forwarding to only forward during those hours. The great thing about per-call pricing is that it doesn't matter if we answer calls for you 12 hours a day or 2 — the pricing is the same.

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