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Better quality, lower pricing

Smith GabbyVille
Free trial 30-day 7-day
Cost $4.50/call $5.94/call*
Pricing Per call Per call/second
Setup fee No $99
Cancellation fee No No
Spam Calls Free $1.98/minute
Wrong Numbers Free $1.98/minute

*assuming average call time is 3 minutes

Comparing Gabbyville vs Smith, Smith has lower prices, simpler billing, and a longer trial period. And we don’t charge you for the calls you didn’t want in the first place. Gabbyville doesn't compare to Smith when it comes to intelligent call identification. Plus, with no hidden fees like "Setup Fees", is the best business-friendly virtual receptionist answering service.

The Best Price

An alternative to the costly in-house receptionist at a fraction of what Gabbyville charges. Have your calls answered by friendly agents at an affordable rate.

High-Quality Agents

Smith hires U.S. based virtual receptionists who help make your business day easier while keeping your new leads and existing clients happy.

Call Intelligence

No other phone answering service helps qualify leads like Smith can. We use machine intelligence to separate spam calls from potential deal closers.

— Smith gives you —

A longer free trial period

Lower cost per call

No hidden fees

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Questions? Answers!

What Don’t You Do?

We don’t remind you about upcoming appointments. You probably have an expensive phone for that. Instead, we aim to be an upgrade to the traditional virtual receptionist — backed by machine intelligence. Our receptionists' mission: collect and deliver call intelligence, with a friendly voice.

How Many Minutes Do I Get?

As many as you need! We don’t count minutes. Our intelligent answering service isn’t based on how long your customers talk; it’s based on the number of calls we answer for you each month. This way, our virtual receptionists can focus on your customers and have real conversations, without adding higher costs.

Why Is The Price Lower?

Machine intelligence has its benefits — lower costs being one. Our low business costs mean we can provide services for less. We work smarter while staying efficient and high-quality (so don’t call us cheap!) Other services cost less than an in-house receptionist, but takes it a step further.

Will You Transfer My Calls?

Absolutely. Our mission is to save you time and money by prioritizing communication. The best way to do this is by providing call answering during your business day, so you don’t have to. For those you want transferred, just tell us the criteria. We can transfer during certain hours, only VIP callers, only new leads, and so on. Whatever you need.

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