Call routing System

Core Features

Mobile App

Use your mobile phone to make and receive calls and texts from your number(s) with our apps for iOS and Android.

Use Your Existing Number

Keep your existing number — even from your mobile phone — easily port it (in or out) without interruption.

Call Routing

Route calls based on time, date, VIPs & more. Easily customize call paths with complex logic.

Automatic Spam Filtering

Automatically block 20M spammers, robo-callers & telemarketers. (You can block anyone else, too.)

Performance Metrics

Performance metrics like missed calls, and talk time by call type, help you gauge your efforts.

Easy setup

Easy setup for even the most complex call paths. No scrolling through help docs or calling tech support for simple tasks.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls based on your criteria (number, time, etc.) to single or multiple destinations, including voicemail.

Call blasts and sequencing

Calls can ring everyone at once to assure it gets picked up, or ring destinations in sequence, with custom times for each.

VIP lists & block lists

Directly whitelist VIP callers to specific numbers, and block those not-so-VIPs from ever reaching you.

Call Dashboard & Detailed Analytics

For every call (answered or missed), see the source, number of rings, decisions made, duration & more.

Optional Features

Voicemail Transcription

Because scanning the text of a call takes much less time than listening.

Desk Phone Support

Make and receive calls through your number on physical SIP/VOIP phones.

Virtual Receptionists

Never miss a call — our receptionists can answer, qualify, transfer, and book.

Call Recording

Monitor how your team answers calls & save records of conversations.

Additional Lines

Add multiple numbers for separate departments or campaign tracking.

Additional Users

Add more team members to view call history, configure schedules, and more.

Online Fax

Send and receive faxes through web or email. (It's better than a fax machine.)

VIP & Blocklists

VIP callers can go straight to you, and blocked callers can get the boot.

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