Keypad Progress Update

As of February 8, 2020, we are no longer accepting new Keypad accounts. Please stay tuned for updates on alternative solutions.

Keypad is Almost Ready!

We've been heads-down the last two months since announcing Keypad, and we're nearly ready for its release!Inbound and outbound calling, texting, voicemail transcription, and call routing are all working smoothly. We're anticipating a launch within two weeks — so stay tuned!To our beta testers and everyone else who has provided feedback, thank you. We've made many changes based on your requests. Keypad now includes:

  • Fax (inbound)
  • SMS messaging (inbound and outbound)
  • Daily call stats via email
  • Phone number selection using letters (e.g., 650-LAW-FIRM)
  • Custom greetings for your IVR and voicemail

And of course, the #1 request, a mobile app for Android and iOS, is in development and will be available soon.

Finally, we've updated the monthly plan to reflect what you've told us you value the most. For $25/month, you'll get:

  • 1 number (local or toll-free)
  • 1,000 minutes*
  • 250 text messages
  • Unlimited destination numbers (a.k.a. "extensions")
  • Unlimited call routing schedules
  • Call analytics

Check out the Keypad sign-up page for the full list of features and add-ons.

Questions, concerns, or feedback? We're eager to hear from you. Please reach us at If you know someone who might like 50% off Keypad for three months, please send the Keypad sign-up link to them. We still have a few spots left on the waiting list.Stay tuned for another update soon!

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