Keypad Cloud Phone System Product Updates — October 2018

Keypad Cloud Phone System Product Updates — October 2018

As of February 8, 2020, we are no longer accepting new Keypad accounts. Please stay tuned for updates on alternative solutions.

Our engineering team is tireless when it comes to releasing new features for Keypad,'s cloud phone system, and October has been no different. Now, you can make outbound calls from any device (importantly, that includes your landline or desk phone), and send and receive image messages when texting through Keypad. Get acquainted with these new features!

Make outbound calls from your VoIP desk phone or landline

Keypad already allowed you to make outbound calls from any web browser and our iPhone app, but now you can make outbound calls from your VoIP desk phone, too.

To enable outbound calling from your landline or VoIP desk phone:

1. Log in to Keypad and navigate to the Office Directory.

2. Add a number you want to call out from, e.g., your office landline or VoIP desk phone.

3. Click on the "gear" button to edit the settings for that number (on the far right).

4. Check the box to enable outbound calls from this number.

That's it! Now, to make an outbound call from this number:

1. Call your new Keypad number designated for outbound calls.

2. Key in the destination number (including area code) that you would like to reach.

3. That's it! Keypad will now connect you to your destination number and display your Keypad number on caller ID when you call out.

Note: If you would like to assign a phone number to a VoIP desk phone for inbound calls, you can do that, too.

Send images through Keypad MMS messages

You can now send images through Keypad text messages both in the web browser and in the iPhone app. There's no need to enable any setting in your Keypad account; this is a feature that is accessible by default.

To send images via text message using Keypad:

Just click on the image icon next to the text field in the messages section of the web browser or iPhone app.

The image will then be ready to send. You can add a message to it as well (just like MMS on your phone).

Click or tap "Send", and your image will send.

To receive image messages in Keypad:

Images received via multimedia message show up in your message window.

You can tap or click them to see them full-size, and then use your phone's or computer's functions to save the photo to your gallery, camera roll, or desktop, or share it with another app.

Questions or requests?

Keypad is the most advanced and affordable cloud phone system for small businesses, and our goal is to provide you with a reliable, easy, and fully featured solution for routing, tracking, and analyzing your calls. If there are features that are not currently part of Keypad that you'd like to see added, please email us at

We built Keypad based on a lot of feedback from our early customers, and we continue to rely on individuals to "kick the tires" and help us improve the product so it meets your needs. Really, we mean it — don't be shy with your requests!

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