May 16, 2019

Keypad Cloud Phone System Product Updates — May 2019’s Keypad cloud phone system has two exciting new updates! We just pushed out our latest Keypad mobile app for iOS and Android, and it includes two new features. You can now check your call history and voicemail directly within the Keypad app, and respond to missed calls faster by calling or texting them back! Read on to learn more.

Please note: Our Android app is in beta and may contain limited features.

Keypad app update #1: Call History Tab

In the footer of your Keypad app, click on the clock icon to access the Call History tab. You will see all of the call information including date and time, caller number, the number they called, and the call type (e.g., voicemail, missed call, answered, outgoing call).

You can then take actions, like immediately calling back the incoming number, sending a text message to the number, or listening to the voicemail (if the caller left one).

Keypad app update #2: Voicemail Tab

Click on the voicemail icon to be taken to the new Voicemail tab, which will give you the same information as call history, but for callers who left messages only.

Easily check all of your voicemail messages in one place, and then call or text back numbers with one click.

Tip: If the Keypad app is already open on your phone, don’t forget to click “Refresh” on all tabs to ensure you are seeing the most recent calls.

Want more Keypad features? Tell us!

Keypad was built as an easy-to-use, high-quality cloud phone system for solopreneurs and small businesses, and all of our updates are designed to make small business owners' and operators' lives easier. We're downright obsessed with helping you run a more responsive business (since we know quick response times help to keep new leads and existing clients happy).

So, please don’t hesitate to request new features for the Keypad web or mobile app by emailing us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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