How to Keep Your Number with Keypad,'s Cloud Phone System

Maddy Martin

As of February 8, 2020, Keypad is no longer accepting new clients. Instead, check out our Virtual Receptionist, Outreach Campaign, and Chat services.

Do you want to keep your current business phone number, but need a better system to handle your calls? You can use Keypad,'s cloud phone system, with your existing number! All you need to do is port it over to us (it's a free process). Read on for directions. 

Which Services Allow Porting?

Nearly all popular carriers and services allow porting. That means AT&T Wireless, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Boost, MetroPCS, and so on. 

For Google Voice, you will need to release your number here

For RingCentral, you will need to call them and request a Customer Service Report, and let them know that you are porting the number out. More information here.

If you're having difficulty with your port request, please email us and we will attempt to help.

How to Submit Your Number Porting Request

To port a phone number you own (e.g., your current cell phone, RingCentral, or Google Voice number) to, email with the following information:

  • The authorized user's first and last name
  • A list of the number(s) you wish to port
  • Service provider for the number(s)
  • Service Address on file with your current carrier. This must be an actual physical address. P.O. Boxes are not valid addresses for port requests.
  • Letter of Authorization (LOA) signed by the authorized user and/or owner of the number(s).
  • Note that the information on your LOA must match the authorized user's name and service address provided by your current carrier.
  • A scanned (or electronic) copy of the most recent phone bill (within the last 30 days) that includes the account, owner/authorized user's full name, and address for all the numbers you'd like to port.

Once we receive all of the information above, we will begin the process and will keep you informed every step of the way.

Learn More About Number Porting

Not sure if number porting is the best option for you? If you want to learn more about the options for, and benefits of, number porting, check out this article that goes into all the fine details: Want to Keep Your Existing Phone Number? No Problem. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us by phone at (650) 727-6484 or email at We're here Monday through Friday, 5am – 6pm PT.

Maddy Martin

Maddy Martin is's VP of Marketing. Over the last 15 years, Maddy has built her expertise and reputation in small-business communications, lead conversion, email marketing, partnerships, and SEO.

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