Comparing to Ruby Receptionists: A Client Experience

Angela Sartain

When you are shopping for a virtual receptionist service, you are looking for the best: a staff of friendly, knowledgeable and professional receptionists to answer your calls and help you grow your business. 

What you are not looking for is to have your client and customer calls put on hold, then answered by someone who does not know your business and cannot help.

Not too long ago, a customer signed up for service with after sharing their horrifying experience with one of our competitors, CallRuby/Ruby Receptionists. Our customer provided everything we are sharing here. 

After many complaints from clients about being placed on hold for several minutes, the professional decided to test their lines. The call was immediately answered — but the receptionists only said "Hold, please" before placing the call on hold. The CallRuby client sat on hold for nearly two minutes listening to a "ringing" sound. When a live person finally answered the call, the professional was told that the call had gone to the wrong team and that the call would need to be transferred. A second hold occurred so that the call could go to the correct team. Following an already frustrating experience, the professional then discovered that the call, which was mishandled and mostly consisted of being on hold, was also being charged at the full price of a properly handled call. That was the final straw for them, and they gave a call and began their trial service.

With, you will never have to worry about your callers spending several minutes on hold, waiting for the right "team" to answer the call. Instead, our system provides every receptionist at with not only the proper instructions to answer and handle calls but also necessary information about your business. Unlike many of our competitors, gouging you with their per-minute call pricing, we will never charge you for your test calls, spam, wrong numbers or sales calls that you choose to block.

At, our commitment to our clients is to take some of the burdens of those daily business tasks, like handling calls or booking appointments. We work with our customers to ensure we are getting the most current information and communicating updated instructions to all of our receptionists. We take our client experience and feedback very seriously. It is the feedback we get from our customers that help us to grow and become even better (at what we already do well). 

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