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Smith PATLive
Free trial 30-day 14-day
Cost $4.50/call $1.14/minute
Starts at $60.00 $149
Pricing Per call Per minute
Additional taxes and fees No Yes
Additional charge for Spanish No $20/month
Equal features for all plans Yes No
Credit check required No Yes
Guarantee of confidentiality Yes No
Call transfer Free $0.03/min
Text messages Free No
Records all your calls No way! Yes
Charge for spam or wrong # No Yes
Steals from competitors No Yes! (Really)

PATLive has 24/7 coverage, which is great. But PATLive bills by the minute, and charges for every call, which adds up fast. Plus, PATLive charges for any call to you, even if you're not on the line.

With, you only get charged for the calls you want, and you don't get charged when we're not on the phone. We charge for the work we do, not the work we don’t. PATLive starts at $149, not's $60. Most businesses don't need to pay for 24/7. We even set you up within two hours, whereas they have a one-business-day turnaround. receptionists work smarter with better technology — meaning lower prices, a 1-month trial & no extra fees for you.

But more importantly, PATLive records your calls. That’s a confidentiality problem if you’re an attorney, financial advisor, or anyone else working with confidential information. has higher quality design too — even PATLive thinks so!

Straightforward Pricing

Charging per-call, with free forwarding and transfers, makes your billing easy. We don't penalize you for chatty callers.

No charge for Spam/Sales

25%+ of calls coming in are spam or sales. You shouldn’t be charged for those. We make it easy to block them, too.

Confidential from the start worked carefully with IP lawyers to build a product that protects your info. PATLive records your calls.

— Smith gives you —

Spectacular service at lower costs

Longer free trial, easy setup

No charge for spam or sales calls

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Questions? Answers!

How is different?

We are not a call center and we never have been. Most of our team has customer service or support backgrounds. We don't need to train congeniality or attention to detail because our virtual receptionists have made careers out of it. Our agents are selected and trained to provide a quiet call environment for all calls.

In addition, our calls are private. With call centers, often chatter from outbound and inbound calls made by fellow employees can interfere with the atmosphere of your calls, creating unnecessary background noise which signals to your clients that you are using a third party service. With, you’ll never have to worry about your callers hearing another receptionist taking a call simultaneously. Instead, our agents provide a quiet background environment for your callers to be clearly heard and understood.

Furthermore, we get to know your business. Our custom, proprietary software (we're ex-Googlers) is unparalleled in assisting virtual receptionists to have the right information about your business, trained to learn over time. Our agents try to maintain the perspective of in-house receptionists, getting to know your business, your preferences, and your callers as your service continues with us.

Lastly — and this is the big one for most customers — we provide the confidentiality our attorney and legal clients require for business, and pass that on to every client, and we clearly state how the information we gather is used in our terms of service.

Why Is The Price Lower?

Smith offers you more for less, because of the technology we use. We’ve also considered the features you care about most and got rid of those most pros don’t need. focuses on improving workflow. And sometimes, less is more. We keep costs down when it comes to marketing as well. We only market through word of mouth and recommendations from our satisfied customers — so our customers aren't paying for radio advertising or other costly marketing campaigns. Also, unlike PATLive, we choose to maintain standard business hours for our live receptionist service, which are currently Monday – Friday, 6am–6pm PST / 9am–9pm EST. You aren't spending your money to float a handful of customers who need a virtual answering service outside of business hours.

How do you handle spam/sales calls?

PATLive does not promise any type of spam filtering, and even charges you for the call. knows that even 10 seconds spent on unnecessary calls wastes time. We combat those pesky calls and even promise to never charge you for any spam or sales calls. How do we do this? First, our intelligent, custom software filters out known undesirable calls. Second, for calls that make it through that, our team identifies calls that may likely be undesirable, marked as low priority. Finally, you have the option to block any calls you deem as unwanted, removing the charge and preventing future calls from that number.

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