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Smith CallRuby
Trial period 30 days 21 days
Cost $4.50/call $7.64/call*
Pricing Per call Per ½ min.
Spam Calls Free $1.28 per ½ min.
Wrong Numbers Free $1.28 per ½ min.

*assuming average call time is 3 minutes, 100 calls/mo

Ruby Receptionists (CallRuby) does not compare to when it comes to pricing. We offer a business-friendly per-­call (not per-minute) rate that makes your monthly bill predictable — and less costly. Plus, you have 30 days/10 calls to try it out. Moreover,'s tech-friendly platform integrates seamlessly with nearly every major calendaring software and most CRMs. With no charge for the calls you didn’t want anyway, is the smarter and modern way to save time and money.

— Smith gives you —

No charge for spam or wrong numbers

A longer free trial period

Lower cost per call

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Questions? Answers!

What Don’t You Do?

For starters, we don’t make you download yet another app or log in to a Member Services Area. You probably have enough on your phone already and enough websites to remember. Our receptionists are your receptionists. Text, email, or call them if you need to modify your service or go on vacation.

Custom Call Handling?

Of course! During your onboarding, we will collect information about you and your business so that our agents can deliver a personalized call answering service. Your virtual receptionist will sound like they are sitting in your office – minus the foot traffic.

Why Is The Price Lower?

We work smarter. We use technology that works with our virtual receptionists to reduce inefficiency while not sacrificing quality. Smith is saving you a bunch of money by keeping it simple. We’ve also stuck with the features professionals indicated they needed, and trimmed the ones they did not.

How Will I Receive Messages?

All calls received by the telephone answering service are transcribed and emailed to you at the end of each day. We also screen, prioritize and send an instant summary of each call via text message Monday – Friday, 6am–6pm PST / 9am–9pm EST.

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